Mined your language, says Kaspersky boss

The head of one of the world's foremost cyber security companies says he knows who the online criminals are even though they use alien languages to disguise their locations and identities. Speaking...

Reality bytes: We’ve lost control of the internet, says Avaya tech leader

The hype surrounding the internet of things has given way to the reality of a network which is growing faster than any other in history, and causing unprecedented security headaches.  This is according...

Security and complexity the watchwords at this year’s IP Expo

A full complement of EM360 staff attended the IP Expo in London this year, but even turning up in numbers we couldn’t cover more than a fraction of what was on...

Fujitsu in talks with Lenovo about possible takeover of computer business

In today’s wired world, the phrase “tech giant” conjures up relatively new names like Apple, Google and Microsoft. But once upon a time, Fujitsu used to be a tech giant, and...
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