Ask the Expert: What is the role of a Data Driven Journey, by SplashBI’s Rishabh Miglani

This week’s Ask the Expert is Rishabh Miglani, BI Solutions Specialist of SplashBI, a company that cares for the data driven journeys of its customers

This week’s Ask the Expert is answered by Rishabh Miglani, BI Solutions Specialist for SplashBI.

Ask the Expert: What is the role of a Data Driven Journey?

For me, it’s kind of the crux of what everyone wants to see in terms of the analysis done on business processes. So my understanding of the business area is that every organisation has a rule of thumb: giving a customer-centric service that is really beneficial for their customers, while also keeping the firm profitable.

To do that the management needs to understand what their customers are actually looking for, what they have been working on, and what they might want to see in the future. So having all those aspects set against time, it’s really important to understand what the customer’s past is like, what they’re working on now and what trends they are anticipating or expecting.

So that’s a journey from the first day we meet the customer, which continues up until we work with the customer again to keep them satisfied throughout.

I would say as of this moment there is a huge percentage of companies that are stuck at a “local maximum”. They are on a level where they really want to drive out predictive analytics or other kinds of advanced insights out of their data, but they are stuck in places where they cannot pursue those kinds of advantages.

In 2019, there will be a huge shift in terms of where and how companies will turn to extract this data. Companies really want to move to self-service methods, as business users are more interested in getting results themselves than relying on administrators for their data

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