How can whitepapers benefit your business?

So, you’re looking to spread your organisation’s message. Maybe you have an interesting statistic you would like to share, or maybe you would like to advertise your product. You have tried everything: Facebook posts, articles, personal messages.

Still, you are not getting the recognition you deserve. You have a great product but maybe it is too nuanced to be explained through a single post. Maybe an article is too wordy to attract your audience.

How will making a whitepaper help?

According to a case study conducted by The Linus Group, whitepapers are one of the two top types of content that engineers respond best to. This could come down to a multitude of reasons.

They deliver an aesthetic style.

In an article or a social media push, it is possible to insert images. Beyond this, your control of the artistic elements of your content are limited. With whitepapers, visuals play a dominant role and you can coordinate them to make an appealing piece of content. If somebody likes the way something looks, they are more likely to engage with it.

Information becomes more accessible.

When you read statistics in an article, oftentimes the information does not stand out. Seeing percentages written within a body of text often becomes stale and is easy to miss. Using a whitepaper can deliver this information through graphs and visuals, making it stand out.

You can make whitepapers interactive.

Instead of using a standard pdf, why not make your whitepaper interactive? Incorporating animation, polls, infographics and assessments will deliver your message in a dynamic manner. They actively involve the reader in the educational process in order to deliver messages efficiently.

We of course recognise the irony in delivering this message in an article…

But can you imagine how exciting this would be in a whitepaper?

Check out some of our examples to see how whitepapers could impact your business.