Interview: What is the end users threat model?

“2 billion devices were protect and within a short year, that number rose to 3 billion devices protect”

says Google’s Product Strategist, Security, Allison Miller.

Join EM360° as we sit down with Allison while she talks to us about Google’s new safe browsing product, how to lower your risk of being hacked and how to spot a phishing page.

I think about what end users are going through day to day

Allison protects consumers and platforms from online threats. She’s a Leader with a track-record of delivering measurable results in risk, security, payments, & business strategy at internet-scale technology companies.

Don’t download random software if you’re not sure of the web page you’re on

Allison Miller is the co-chair of the O’Reilly Security Conference, happening Oct 30 – Nov 1 in New York City. Join other infosec practitioners for three intense days devoted to defensive security, and save 25% with code PCEM360.

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