Apple Rumoured to Be Acquiring Disney

Apple may be acquiring Disney for upwards of $200 billion dollars, according to rumors reported in Variety.
The merging of the two industrial superpowers would signal momentous changes in the entertainment and tech industries. The newly formed conglomerate could form a streaming giant capable of taking on Netflix and Amazon.
“The resultant company would be massive, with enough cash and balance sheet capacity to change the nature of the hardware, service, and content industries,” wrote the analysts at RBC Capital Markets.
“If there’s a deal out there that would strike fear in the hearts of Silicon Valley and Hollywood, this could be it.”

VMware Strikes Deal to Acquire Big Data Startup Wavefront

VMware has struck a deal to acquire Wavefront, a big data startup.
Wavefront offers a real-time analytics platform that businesses use to monitor and manage the performance of their IT systems. It utilises metrics monitoring to optimise clouds and modern applications by delivering operational insight using millions of data points per second in real-time.
“We will set the standard for cross-cloud and modern application monitoring with Wavefront,” said Ajay Singh, SVP and GM of VMware’s Cloud Management Business Unit.
“It delivers a radically new scope and scale of metrics monitoring and analytics to help developers improve the performance, availability and customer experience of their digital services.”

Tech Data Acquires Avnet’s Technology Solutions

Tech Data has acquired Avnet’s Technology Solutions (TS) business for $2.6 billion.
Avnet Technology Solutions is a global IT solutions distributor. They offer technology services, training and resources alongside software and hardware.
“For a while, everyone thought everything was going to move to the cloud. The reality is that hybrid IT is the future, and hybrid IT starts with your smartphone in your pocket and goes all the way to the data center and into the cloud,” said Dutkowsky, CEO of Tech Data.
“Technology Solutions gives us deeper skills and accelerates our position with new and emerging vendors in these areas.”

Nasdaq Acquires Biometrics Company NuData Security

Nasdaq has acquired NuData Security, a Canada-based passive biometrics company.
NuData’s biometrics technology is used to improve the security of electronic payments. NuData offers a way of identifying real users from fraudulent ones based on their online, mobile and smartphone interactions.
“The card brands and the banks that issue credit and debit cards are seriously concerned that new alternative payment methods — for example potentially lower- cost secure payments enabled by the European Commission’s forthcoming Payment Services Directive 2 — will erode their monopoly-like hold on the electronic consumer payments market,” said Avivah Litan of Gartner.

Microsoft Acquires Container Based Applications Specialist Deis

Microsoft has acquired Deis, a company which provides tools for building and managing container based applications.
Deis has developed some of the most popular tools for building and managing applications on top of the Google-incubated Kubernetes container orchestration service. Deis provides three core open-source tools for managing Kubernetes deployments: Workflow, Helm and Steward.
“Container technologies let organizations more easily build, deploy and move applications to and from the cloud. With this increase in agility and portability, containers are helping to make applications the new currency in the cloud,” blogged Microsoft exec VP Scott Guthrie.


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