Tech M&A: Energie Acquires Flashnet. Also featuring: Mobiliar, EQT, Zebra Technologies and Gresham Technologies

Energie Acquires Flashnet

Energie Acquires IoT Company Flashnet

Engie, the French electric utility company, has acquired 60% of Flashnet, a Romanian Internet of Things (IoT) company.


Founded in 2005, Flashnet employs IT, energy and telecommunications technologies to create intelligent systems for smarter cities and better infrastructure. Its inteliLIGHT® solution saves energy and reduces maintenance costs and is employed in cities including Dubai, Penang, Brasov, Craiova and Athens.


“The acquisition of Flashnet responds to Engie’s goal to be a reliable partner of the cities and territories by proposing them highly competitive intelligent energy management systems for better cities and utility grids,” said Engie Romania CEO Eric Stab.


“We are glad to strengthen our competencies in both intelligent lighting and grid infrastructures and to provide to our customers better solutions integrating IT, energy and telecommunications technologies.”


Mobiliar Acquires Business Software Company Bexio

Mobiliar, Switzerland’s largest SME insurance company, has acquired Bexio, a Swiss startup offering cloud-based business and accounting software for SMEs.


Bexio offers SMEs services including customer management, order processing, easy bookkeeping and integrated e-banking. Its platform has 15,000 customers and it was awarded Best Swiss Software Start Up in 2016 and 2017.


“With Mobiliar as our new owner, we have maintained continuity and a well-known parent company with a strong brand behind it,” said Jeremiah Meier, co-founder and CEO at Bexio.


“Mobiliar gives us additional impetus to further develop ourselves as an SME platform and to realize the needs of our customers quickly.”


EQT Acquires Open Source Specialist Suse

EQT, a development-focused investment fund, has acquired Suse, the open source specialist.


Founded in 1992, Suse was the first company to market Linux for enterprises. It also runs an OpenStack business and is active in many open source initiatives including Cloud Foundry and OPNFV.


“We are excited to partner with SUSE’s management in this attractive growth investment opportunity. We were impressed by the business’ strong performance over recent years as well as its strong culture and heritage as a pioneer in the open source space,” said Johannes Reichel, an EQT partner.


“These characteristics correspond well to EQT’s DNA of supporting and building strong and resilient companies, and driving growth.”


Zebra Technologies Acquires Rugged Mobility Supplier Xplore Technologies

Zebra Technologies, a supplier of software and hardware solutions to enterprises, has acquired Xplore Technologies, a leading supplier in rugged mobility.


Xplore offers a wide selection of rugged mobile computers, tablets, handhelds and 2-in-1 laptops. Its products are built to endure hazardous environments for years without fail. Industrial, enterprise, government and field service organisations use Xplore’s technology in the office and in the field.


“In today’s on-demand economy, investments to digitize operations are central to our customers’ strategies,” said Anders Gustafsson, chief executive officer of Zebra Technologies.


“The acquisition of Xplore enhances our product lineup and gives Zebra a complete rugged tablet portfolio that enables our customers to gain a performance edge,”


Gresham Technologies Acquires Payments Integration Specialist B2 Group

Gresham Technologies, a provider of real-time data integrity and control solutions, has acquired B2 Group, a specialist in cash management and payments integration solutions.


Based in Luxembourg and with officers in London, B2 Group offers cash management software to facilitate bank-to-corporate integration, focusing on the growing multi-bank solutions market.  B2 Group’s cloud-based software platform connects corporates and asset managers with their bank partners.


“We’re delighted to be announcing today’s acquisition of B2 Group,” said Gresham CEO Ian Manocha.


“This exciting combination creates an industry leader in multi-bank integration and control solutions for corporates, banks, insurers and asset managers, it strengthens our cloud capabilities and gives us a platform to further accelerate our growth.”


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