Tech M&A: IBM Acquires Oniqua. Also featuring: Viasat, Nutmeg, ARM and Tableau

IBM Acquires Oniqua

IBM Acquires Inventory Optimisation Software Provider Oniqua

IBM has acquired Oniqua Holdings Pty Ltd., a provider of maintenance, repair and operations inventory optimisation software for asset-intensive industries including mining, oil and gas, transportation, utilities and manufacturing.


Based in Denver, Oniqua’s key focus is on Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) systems, which monitor the operational efficiency of parts and equipment to avoid unplanned downtime. IBM intends to integrate Oniqua’s software with Maximo, its own workplace management system.


“By combining the world’s leading asset optimization solution Maximo with the leading MRO Inventory Optimization solution from Oniqua, we will offer a next-generation ‘solutions as-a-service’ that lets businesses easily connect with the data they need so they can forecast equipment failures, optimize spare parts, reduce unplanned downtime and optimize asset maintenance,” said Jay Bellissimo, a general manager at IBM Global Business Services.


Viasat Acquires Secure Networks Specialist Horsebridge

Viasat, the global communications company, has acquired Horsebridge Defence and Security, a U.K.-based company focused on design, system integration and support of deployable secure networks.


Horsebridge has extensive knowledge and experience of military requirements and operating environments, as well as access to the most innovative commercial technologies. Horsebridge’s Kestrel-II branded service portfolio has a strong reputation with the British Ministry of Defence for its ability to deliver a high-capacity ground network.


“By acquiring Horsebridge Defence and Security, we hope to accelerate the trajectory of our ability to support UK defence operations,” said Ken Peterman, president, Government Systems, Viasat.


“Viasat builds best-of-breed technology solutions that leverage commercial innovation; and by combining our strengths with the deep domain expertise of the Horsebridge Defence and Security team, we intend to reliably extend commercial, military or emergency service networks to the tactical mobile edge.”


Nutmeg State Financial CU Acquires Technology Provider DaLand Solutions

Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union has acquired DaLand, a technology and professional resources company that exclusively serves credit unions.


DaLand provides project management, which manages many different types of technology implementations; brokerage, which handles core EFT and other technology searches; and enterprise services, which develops software and custom technology solutions. Nutmeg became a DaLand customer in 2015, and the two organisations have undertaken many joint projects since.


“The relationship between our two organizations quickly grew from a mere client/vendor relationship to one of a partnership in the truest sense of the word,” said Nutmeg CEO John Holt.


“The DaLand folks were like employees – a part of our extended family. It was readily apparent that DaLand shares our commitment to keeping credit unions relevant through the effective use of technology.”


ARM Acquires Connectivity Management Technology Provider Stream Technologies

ARM, the chip design company, has acquired Stream Technologies, a connectivity management technology provider.


Stream Technologies supports physical connectivity across all industry-standard wireless protocols and devices critical for making IoT data accessible.  This technology will give ARM’s customers and partners a “single pane of glass” visibility of connectivity and device management across all devices.


Combining Stream Technologies with the Mbed platform “will provide organizations with a robust end-to-end IoT platform for managing, connecting, provisioning and updating devices that is easily scalable and flexible,” said Hima Mukkamala, ARM’s SVP for IoT Cloud Services.


“This scalability is critical as we move from billions to trillions of connected devices.”


Tableau Acquires AI Startup Empirical Systems

Tableau, the data visualisation software maker, has acquired Empirical Systems, an AI startup out of MIT.


Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Empirical Systems is a team of engineers and data science professionals who created an analysis platform that helps customers in a variety of industries to automatically analyse and understand their structured data. Empirical Systems’ Analytics Engine automates robust data modeling to allow people to simulate and predict that data in real time.


“Automatic insight generation will enable people without specialized data science skills to easily spot trends in their data, identify areas for further exploration, test different assumptions, and simulate hypothetical situations,” said Francois Ajenstat, Tableau’s chief product officer.


“Empirical shares our vision of delivering deeper insights to more people through smart analytics, and we’re eager to bring their tremendously talented team to Tableau.”


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