Nokia Acquires Analytics and IoT Provider SpaceTime Insight

Nokia has acquired SpaceTime Insight, a California-based IoT startup that provides predictive analytics based on machine learning algorithms.


SpaceTime Insight serves asset-intensive industries including utilities, shipping, manufacturing and energy. Customers use their software to reduce cost and risk, pinpoint theft, spoilage and shrinkage, lower the frequency and duration of service outages, optimise field crews and operations, ensure regulatory compliance and more.


“SpaceTime’s use cases, especially those in energy and transportation, translate across geographies very easily because most use very similar technologies,” said Ron Haberman, Head of Emerging Products, Nokia Software.


“We have a strategy to go into new areas. We will continue to do that.  We will also bring some of these use cases to CSPs that are looking to become application providers to these entities.”


Gannett & Co to Acquire Search Marketing Software Experts WordStream

Gannett & Co, the media and marketing solutions company, is to acquire WordStream, a provider of search marketing software solutions for $150 million.


WordStream provides software and services to help online marketers maximise the performance of their paid search and social campaigns, driving traffic, leads and sales for lower costs. WordStream’s software platform, WordStream Advisor, offers automation-driven campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook.


“This acquisition marks another critical milestone in Gannett’s digital transformation, enhancing our ability to support businesses and agencies in our local markets with the intelligent, data-driven marketing solutions they need to drive growth,”  said Robert Dickey, president and chief executive officer of Gannett.


Gulf Capital Acquires Electronic Payment Solutions Provider Geidea

Gulf Capital, one of the largest alternative asset managers in the Middle East, has acquired a strategic stake in Geidea, a Saudi Arabia-based provider of electronic payment solutions and financial technologies for sum estimated at $267 million.


Geidea is a leader in the provision of integrated financial solutions in Saudi Arabia. The acquisition comes days after the launch of an initiative by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority aiming to promote financial technology in the Kingdom and to transform Saudi Arabia into a destination for Fintech innovation.


“Geidea’s digital technologies fuel the growth of the banking sector and the retail sector by providing digital financial transactions and the rapid transitioning to electronic payment systems,” said Dr Karim El Solh, Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Capital.


“I look forward to working with Geidea towards achieving its vision of becoming the leader in the payment technology sector in the GCC region.”


Unlimited Group Acquires B2B Content Marketing Agency First Base

Unlimited Group, the agency network, has acquired First Base, a specialist B2B content marketing agency.


Based in London, First Base is a full-service agency with experience in delivering enterprise-class B2B marketing programmes. They are a certified HubSpot Partner and have been shortlisted for both the B2B Marketing and the Content Marketing Association awards every year of their life.


“Nelson Bostock Unlimited has a strong heritage in the B2B and technology sectors, working with global and challenger brands,” said Tim Bonnet, Unlimited Group President.


“This acquisition further strengthens our offer in a market where communications and marketing are converging, enabling us to offer a full range of services from brand building and reputation management through to lead generation and sales.”


PhishLabs to Acquire Competing Cybersecurity Firm BrandProtect

PhishLabs, a cybersecurity firm, is to acquire BrandProtect, a competing cybersecurity firm, for a reputed $20 million.


BrandProtect provides a comprehensive suite of cyber risk detection, intelligence and threat migration solutions for enterprises. Its proprietary technology quickly identifies and mitigates fraudulent or unauthorised online activity including brand threats, trademark infringements, phishing attacks and dark web threats.


Bringing our two companies together is a win for our clients, employees, and the security industry as a whole,” said PhishLabs chief executive Tony Prince.


“With our combined visibility and mitigation capabilities, we can detect and stop attacks across a comprehensive range of threat vectors.”


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