An online retailer in Poland which is being called the “Polish eBay” has been sold to a private equity firm for $3.3 billion. 

Allegro says it is the most popular online shopping destinations in Poland and sells 850,000 items a day, employing 1,275 people in five offices across the country.

Allegro’s parent company, Naspers, says it is selling its retail business to a consortium consisting of Cinven, Permira, and Mid Europa.

Digital Trends reports that the other companies which had tried to buy Allegro include Alibaba, eBay, and CVC.

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Naspers CEO Bob van Dijk says: “Allegro is a business that we invested in during 2008, and since then we have built it into a respected and successful commerce brand in Poland. Its ability to grow while adapting to a changing market environment has ensured its success and it’s a business that continues to perform.”

Salesforce buys Krux 

Probably the most well-known customer relations management software provider, Saleforce, is set to buy startup company Krux.

The deal is estimated to be worth approximately $700 million and is the latest acquisition in Salesforce’s strategy to fight off growing competition from the likes of Microsoft and Oracle.

Krux’ main asset is what it calls its “data management platform”, which will enable Salesforce customers to “deepen their understanding” of their leads and prospects.

Scott McCorkle, CEO, marketing cloud, Salesforce. “By working with Krux, our customers are able to unlock additional value from their Marketing Cloud data. Marketers will not only be able to forge deeper relationships with current customers but will also be able to put their invaluable data assets to work acquiring and retaining new customers.”

Thoma Bravo to park its money with T2 Systems

Thoma Bravo, a private equity firm, has agreed to buy T2 Systems for an undisclosed sum.

T2 is one of the largest providers of parking management technology in the US, and is currently owned by Pamlico Capital.

T2’s 1,100 customers include universities, municipalities and private operators, and its technology includes multi-space pay stations, permit management, enforcement, vehicle counting, citation services and event parking.

A.J. Rohde, a partner at Thoma Bravo, says: “T2 Systems helped create the parking management software market, and it remains the clear leader with a world-class customer base and the broadest portfolio of products to serve universities, municipalities and private operators.”


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