Aurea Acquires Communication and Collaboration Provider Jive

Aurea, the customer experience software company, has acquired Jive, a provider of communication and collaboration solutions for business.
Jive-x Customer Community Software is a customer engagement platform “where prospects become customers, and customers become advocates,” according to Jive’s website. The platform aims to accelerate every step of the customer journey and enhance customer engagement strategies with personalised experiences and authentic conversations.
“We believe Aurea clients that are engaged in improving customer experience will embrace the focus on employee engagement, and Jive clients focused on employee engagement will leverage Aurea technology to extend that transformation to their customers,” Aurea CEO Scott Brighton said. 

Cisco Plans to Acquire Networking Startup Viptela

Cisco announced plans to acquire Viptela, a networking technology vendor, for $610 million.
Viptela, founded by former Cisco engineers, sells networking technology that allows companies to connect their branch offices to corporate data centers. It is considered a market leader in the new area of software-defined area networking.
“Viptela’s technology is cloud-first, with a focus on simplicity and ease of deployment while simultaneously providing a rich set of capabilities and scale. These principles are what today’s customers demand,” Scott Harrell, senior vice president of product management for the Cisco Enterprise Networking Group said in a statement.

Equinix Acquires Data Centers from Verizon

Equinix, the Silicon Valley internet connectivity giant, has finalised its acquisition of 29 data centers from Verizon for $3.6 billion.
Equinix did not buy all data centers Verizon was hoping to sell, but instead cherry-picked sites that were a good strategic fit. Verizon has been looking to divest more than 50 facilities, including assets in Europe and Asia, but Equinix was only interested in North and South American markets.
“It’s no longer a combination of buying and selling goods as a primary mechanism of creating value and exchange. It’s more: can I get more data from you?” said Jonathan Lin, an Equinix vice president of corporate development & strategy.
“For Equinix, the legacy of the company is a combination of colocation and interconnection and enabling our customers to communicate with each other scale-ably and securely in our communities.”

BC Partners and Medina Capital Acquire CenturyLink Data Centres

BC Partners and Medina Capital have acquired CenturyLink’s data centres and the associated colocation business.
CenturyLink operates data centres that provide broadband, voice, video, data and managed services in North America, Europe and Asia.
“There is a growing need by companies around the world who are seeking greater flexibility over their IT infrastructure and a greater focus on the demand for an expansive suite of applications to be closely and securely interconnected with customers, suppliers, software vendors, financial service providers and cloud providers. Our new venture is an answer to that need,” said Justin Bateman, a managing partner at BC Partners.

BT Acquires Unified Communications Provider IP Trade

BT has acquired IP Trade, a provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions for trading floor environments and command-and-control dispatch centres.
IP Trade is a pioneer in the design of advanced SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) communications. It enables the merging of voice, data and streaming media into a single platform for increased performance, profitability and customer service.
“Our customers will appreciate the way we will bring together BT’s Cloud of Clouds portfolio strategy, products and expertise, managed services capability and global reach with IP Trade’s open software platform and range of devices and applications,” said Luis Alvarez, CEO of global services at BT.
“We are fully committed to maintaining and supporting our existing customers through delivery of BT’s own and IP Trade solutions against our product roadmap. This is all about giving customers the best possible choices and flexibility on a global scale.”


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