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A 700-acre golf course called Tetherow, located in the US, has switched from QuickBooks to Intacct enterprise resource planning software. 

Intacct, which specialises in cloud ERP, says Tetherow’s change has streamlined the golf course company’s global operations and increased business agility.

By automating several key processes, Tetherow’s finance team saves 60 hours each month that it can redirect towards making more informed, timely decisions about continued expansion, says the company.

Intacct says the results Tetherow Resort achieved by switching to its cloud ERP solution support the sporting resort’s rapid pace of growth.

Intacct claims Tetherow’s results also include:

  • Shortened consolidations by 10 times and halved monthly close
  • Saving 24 hours/month on cash analysis
  • Avoiding $75,000 in annual headcount costs
  • Software pays for itself in less than 3 months

Tamara Crawford, CFO at Tetherow, says: “We chose Intacct over the other options on the market because the whole staff loved how powerful, yet incredibly user-friendly, its cloud-based solution was.

“Intacct’s flexible multi-entity and global consolidations capabilities provide significant value, as does its ability to integrate with any other applications we deploy to meet our company’s own unique technology needs.

“With Intacct, we work smarter instead of harder, even as we grow at a rapid pace. The fact that we’ve added seven new entities – each with their own budgeting and financial planning requirements – without needing any additional staff is a true testament to Intacct’s robust ERP capabilities.

“The efficiency and visibility we’ve gained with Intacct allow us to be a trusted resource and much better business partner across the organization – ultimately improving Tetherow’s overall customer service. Through all of these benefits, we estimate that our investment in Intacct pays for itself in less than three months each year.

“We have used Intacct to build flash reports and a CEO dashboard where we look at our major entities on a daily basis to see how they’re doing in terms of operating income, actuals-to-budget, and other key insights.

“For example, how many golf rounds have we done today? How many covers have we had in the food and beverage restaurants?

“And how many people stayed in our hotel last weekend? We love having this big picture view at our fingertips to help forecast the business and make timely decisions.”

Competition in the ERP market has been intensifying over the past few months, with more providers making their software available through the cloud, and SAP integrating artificial intelligence into its offering, among other developments by other companies.


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