Top 10 Continuity Influencers

Understanding continuity can be troublesome for many beginners. Being able to look to influencers to keep us informed in this confusing world is vital to becoming an expert. Here are the Top 10 Continuity Influencers in 2018:

1. Window Snyder

Window Snyder is the Chief Security Officer, Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Platform Security Division. She has established herself as a veteran in the security industry through her various high profile roles.

Previously, she has worked as Chief Security Officer for Fastly, Chief Security Something-or-Other for Mozilla (love that title), Senior Security Strategist at Microsoft and also in Security and Privacy for Apple. She is also the co-author for the industry standard manual for security architecture analysis in software “Threat Modelling.”

Check out her Twitter for incredible insights into the work of security!

2. Graham Cluley

Cluley is a computer security expert and writer who has won awards for his expert opinions on security. He has been working in the security industry since the 1990s and has certainly shown his expertise through his blogs, podcasts and media appearances.

Cluley is about as acclaimed as you can get, having previously won “Twitter User of the Year” for Computer Weekly twice, “Best Corporate Security Blog” twice by RSA and once by EU amongst other accolades.

3. Brian Krebs

This man is the cybersecurity equivalent of Louis Theroux. Just, robust and talks about the issues that need to be discussed, Krebs specialises in tracking profit-seeking cybercriminals.

Having previously worked for The Washington Post from 1995 – 2009 and been awarded the 2009 Cisco Systems‘ 1st Annual “Cyber Crime Hero” Award, Krebs is certainly the continuity expert we need and deserve.

4. Theresa Payton

The first ever woman to hold the title of CIO at the White House, Theresa Payton is an icon for so many reasons. Known as one of the USA’s leaders in cybersecurity, Payton is potentially one of the most influential people on the topic.

She has previously won the 2009 Charlotte Women in Business award from the Charlotte Business Journal.  Furthermore, Payton is the CEO and president of Fortalice Solutions and Co-Founder of Dark Cubed.

5. Bruce Schneier

A true guru on computer security, Schneier is the author of just about every topic in the world of cybersecurity. Schneier has the insights on just about every subject. From his debut “Applied Cryptography” 1994, to “Click Here To Kill Everybody” 2018 (yikes), Schneier’s insights are always remarkable.

Schneier is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School and has previously worked as the CTO of Resilient Systems.

6. Georgia Weidman

Entrepreneur, penetration tester, security researcher, author, trainer and public speaker. What isn’t Georgia Weidman? She is the Founder & CTO of Shevirah and Founder & CEO of Bulb Security. A truly incredible woman who is an expert in various topics throughout tech.

Wanting to know the basics on ethical hacking? Check out her book “Penetration Testing: A Hands-on Introduction to Hacking.”

7. Nancy Rademaker-Gysbrechts

20 years in the business definitely makes someone a veteran, which is exactly the case for Rademaker-Gysbrechts. She states that her main focus is on people; a desirable quality for any worker in the tech industry.

As a partner and keynote speaker at Nexxworks, Nancy energises boardrooms and round tables with her enthusiasm and tech knowledge.

8. The Grugq

When an influencer’s name begins with “The,” you know they’re going to be great. Furthermore, The Grugq is an incredible Information Security Researcher. While The Grugq is certainly enigmatic, his articles are widespread.

The Grugq has written articles on international cybersecurity, including the vulnerability of nations. His witty tweets also definitely will deliver a chortle or two.

9. Tony V. Robinson AKA da_667

Da_667 is certainly a strange name. I will not dispute this. What I will dispute is the notion that this makes him less credible. The author of the fantastic “Building Virtual Machine Labs: A Hands-On Guide,” a rather exciting guide to help break into and IT or InfoSec job, is a visionary.

A cult legend that plays by his own rules, da_667’s enigmatic persona and tongue in cheek humour has secured him as an icon in the 21st century.

10. Neira Jones

To end our Top 10, I could think of no better candidate than Neira Jones. An advisor and international speaker, Jones promotes digital innovation and addresses global audiences on risk, information security and cybercrime.

Neira Jones is also the non-executive director of Cognosec; a cybersecurity group and supplier. Her years of experience in the industry make her one of our top 10 continuity experts.


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