Women paid 60% less in bonuses than men at Facebook

It’s not been a great week for Facebook. On top of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Facebook being exposed of bypassing vague ‘permission’ settings to extract data from unknowing Android users, figures handed in to the government show that women’s median bonus pay is 41.5% lower than men’s, while their median hourly rate is 9.9% lower than men’s.

There are about 1,500 people employed by Facebook in the UK alone, and the report states that 86.3% of its female employees received bonuses, while bonuses were given to 87.8% of its male employees.

Facebook’s explanation to the BBC was that a higher proportion of its engineering teams and top-level executives were male than in other areas of the business, signalling at a gender disparity in job opportunities at the tech giants’ offices.

Fiona Mullen, Facebook’s human resources chief for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, stated, “Technical roles generally have a higher market rate than other positions due to their more specialised skills, but also the higher the rate of demand for those skills in the marketplace… And the same would be true for leadership.”

While saying the company hope to tackle this issue, Mullan also stated there should be a focus in encouraging more women to study relevant subjects at school and university.