Zoom-in: Global Data Strategy, Ltd

Zoom-in: Global Data Strategy, Ltd

A closer look at information management consultancy, Global Data Strategy, Ltd.


Donna Burbank has a multi-faceted background that provides a mix of both business acumen combined with information management thought leadership. As well as working for many years as an information management consultant in the US, EMEA, Latin America and Asia helping organisations transform their businesses through data, she has held product management and product marketing roles for some of the leading data management software products on the market today. In these roles, she has built her skills in building strategic partnerships, go-to-market plans and marketing strategies, analyst and press relations, and team leadership.

The Business

Global Data Strategy, Ltd. is an international information management consulting company specialising in the alignment of business drivers with data-centric technology. Their passion is data, and helping organisations enrich their business opportunities via data strategy, data governance, big data & business intelligence, master data management, data architecture, and other data-centric initiatives. Offering more than technical implementations, they help find new ways to innovate & improve efficiency using data and information to reach strategic business goals

The Results

“We’ve had a very positive response this year from clients looking for solid, down-to-earth advice that is aligned to their business goals. Our clients often come to us asking how to transform their business models to leverage data, largely driven by Big Data and the IoT.” Related to this growth in data is a renewed focus on governance, as organisations look to better manage their information in a more formal way due to regulation or efficiency requirements. “We’ve enjoyed working with a number of organisations internationally, both large and small, to develop data strategies that meet their business objectives.”

The Future

Many organisations have been attracted to data by the promises of innovation and growth through Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). While these technologies certainly provide great opportunities, there is added complexity as new data sources are integrated with traditional ones. As firms look to incorporate these new technologies into their business models, they are finding a greater need for traditional tasks such as architecture and governance. Global Data Strategy expect an increase in demand as organisations look to find the right mix of new and traditional technologies that align with their business needs.

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