In May 2017, agile leaders from the banking, insurance, telecom, technology and publishing sectors gathered with Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) at the Tower of London to discuss the important role executives, product managers and release trains engineers play in a successful agile transformation programme. With clients from Deutsche Bank, SimCorp and Mastercard participating in the panel discussions, guests heard first-hand what it really means to adopt, resource and carry out these roles in large, often quite traditional, internal software development organisations.

IJI has empowered some of the world’s biggest brands to introduce, scale and sustain their agile transformation programmes.


Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) is a global consulting company providing coaching, consulting and training services for customers implementing enterprise-scale agile software development.

Established in 2004, IJI has been called upon by some of the world’s biggest brands and largest software development organisations to help accelerate delivery, reduce risk and costs, align business and IT and foster high performing teams and leaders.

In today’s tough competitive and fast-paced environment, software development teams are required to deliver faster and more cost effectively than ever before – whilst improving quality and responsiveness.

IJI’s team of highly qualified consultants are equipped with certifications, intellectual assets and the experience to kick-start engagements quickly to rapidly deliver value.

In support of Benjamin Franklin’s quote “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, IJI supplies how-to-guides, papers, case studies and tools to help organisations quickly get started. Download some recent materials:

Or join a training class to get started.



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