This is the first in a series of ‘EM360° Presents… Insights With Cyber Leaders’ where highly respected security analyst Amar Singh from Cyber Management Alliance speaks candidly with leaders in tech about the industry.

In this video Amar chats with Raj Samani, who is both the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Intel in EMEA and an active member of an advisory group on internet security for EUROPOL CyberCrime Centre.

Raj explains what he looks for in a CTO and discusses what happens when customers lose trust in your organisation. He also goes on to to discuss how you can prepare for a cyber incident, with correct planning and response.

Amar ends the interview by getting Raj to explain his thoughts for the future of security – both those of the industry and his own personal views.

Topics also included:

  • (7:20) There are so many certifications out there, what are the right ones to do?
  • (16:30) People sign off on risk who are below the pay grade of who should be making the decision
  • (18:20) There is too much time spent on attribution and not why it happens
  • (22:40) Lots of data is being collected by third party developers and data centres, what do you do to combat it?


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