In 2009, Vodafone UK introduced their Better Ways of Working project to enable their employees to work in a more flexible environment. This included an open plan environment – no office, no fixed desks, or landline phones – and introduced new technologies that made greater use of unified communications strategies and video conferencing. Employees want, and need, to work as a part of different teams at different times, and from different locations and Vodafone have seen enormous benefits through this project being put into place.

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In this video interview, Phil Mottram, Director of Enterprise at Vodafone UK, discusses the key benefits to Vodafone’s Better Ways of Working strategy. With happier employees, better productivity, and reduced costs, all through flexible working, this shared way of working paved the way for Vodafone to have a holistic understanding of what benefits this deployment really brings to businesses big and small.

Phil also explains the tools that Vodafone provides for its customers in implementing these practices. With Vodafone’s advisory services function, customers are able to enjoy not only the technological aspects of flexible working, but the softer components as well, such as communicating and engaging with employees on how these changes will affect them. With Vodafone’s ‘Ready Business Indicator’, customers have an easy, online tool that can help demonstrate where a business is with regards to performance, where there can be room for improvement, and help assess a business’s readiness to deal with change.

Phil also describes how to overcome the barrier of those who are resistant to change. To those who have made their desk their ‘home away from home’, this can be particularly challenging. See what Phil has to say about overcoming this challenge, and ensuring your business is making the most of what flexible working has to offer.

Also check out our interview with Dr. Alexander Grous from the LSE, who carried out a report on the Power of Productivity, commissioned by Vodafone.


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