The Internet of Things (IoT) holds fantastic promise for businesses, but it will take incredible IT capacity to deliver on its potential. Companies must securely handle huge amounts of data, collected from numerous, disparate devices, then instantly sort, store and draw relevant conclusions from it. 

In this interview, Michael Winterson, Managing Director of Services at global interconnection and data centre company Equinix, discusses the evolution of IoT, the number of levels on which it operates and how there remains no one-stop-shop IoT solution. In particular, he talks about the rise of the Industrial IoT in the healthcare space. With reference to Equinix’s collaboration with GE Healthcare, Michael explores how the real potential lies in interconnecting different IoT systems to make hospitals run more effectively and improve patient pathways and outcomes.

  • (0:03) What is the biggest obstacle facing enterprises that want to implement IoT?
  • (1:08) How are Equinix and GE Healthcare currently working together?
  • (3:04) In what ways do you expect the Internet of Things will help to improve the early diagnosis of health issues?


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