With cybercrimes dominating the headlines lately, it is more important than ever to be as vigilant as you can be against these increasingly sophisticated and complex attacks. We are all aware of the damage a cyber-attack can do and the impact these attacks have on the victims, but what does this look like from the perspective of the cybercriminal?

In this ransomware demo, James Lyne, Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, alongside Sophos security specialists Greg Iddon and James Burchell, visually show how attackers not only infiltrate networks, but what defenders can do to hinder these attacks once detected.

Through demonstrating the latest exploitation and social engineering tactics, such as remote controlling a device through a backdoor, exploitation of a webpage, compromised USBs and malicious webpages, to name a few, the team demonstrates how these potential threats can affect the end-user, and also how a cyber crook would go about deploying these attacks.

With ransomware continuing to dominate the headlines as one of the most prolific campaigns in recent memory, James Lyne also demonstrates these challenging and complex threats that are continuing to grow in strength and intricacy every day. Sophos Labs has seen a surge in well-designed ransomware that has become incredibly difficult to stop over the past year, with some campaigns so complicated that they are impossible to decrypt, and some that won’t unlock your files, even if you succumb to paying up.

Through this demo, James shows the varying degrees of ransomware cases. Though some ransomware samples out there are outdated, allowing victims to sometimes get their files back, not everyone is so lucky. You may be hit with a ransomware campaign that asks you to send the ransom to an email address that is no longer in use – making it near impossible to get your information back. In this video James will show how using the right tools and ensuring you are secure as you can be is step one in protecting yourself, and your precious files, from being stolen from your own device.


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