What’s at the top of the UK CIO’s agenda? According to a recent study by Tableau, a large proportion of CIOs (75%) view data analytics as a key priority this year and are keen for the whole business to understand the value of data.

James Eiloart, SVP of EMEA at Tableau, talks through the results of Tableau’s recent findings – from the belief amongst CIOs that there is a lack of understanding in the wider business about data analytics, to the fact that senior management are eager to tackle this lack of understanding, and educate the entire workforce about data.

James discusses the importance of data within a company, sharing examples of how CIOs can drive the data transformation, including:

  • Ensuring data is seen as a priority from the top down – the whole c-suite should be involved in “walking the walk”
  • Encouraging IT to work with business users to understand how data can better inform and improve their work
  • Training and coaching on data analytics tools to become more confident
  • Identifying data champions – true fans of data!

With key customer examples, James shares how large enterprise companies use data analytics and visualisation tools across different departments to do everything from understanding customer behaviour, to marketing campaigns or engineering works.

James also outlines how data can become a crucial part of driving business success, once employees gain confidence to use it in their everyday decisions.


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