Three Things You Need to Consider When Building Your Next Dashboard, by Dundas

It is expected that one should be able to use data to their advantage within organisations. By using data visualisations for your dashboard, you should be able to achieve your business objectives through fact-based decision making. The reality is that while many organisations are trying to use data to their advantage, users are still not adopting to the dashboards that designed by organisations.

Perhaps they are not user-friendly enough or maybe users just do not find them accessible. The good news? Dundas has a solution.

In this exciting webinar, Dundas will show you how to create and design a dashboard that helps to solve real business problems and is attractive to users. Through a three tiered approach, Dundas will take you through the particular steps of relevance, integration and design in order to create a dashboard that fits all of your users’ specific needs.

Why are these the best practices? Because they allow users to understand what is presented to them and why people are adopting these methods.


Ariel Pohoryles, Director of Product Marketing