Tech Chat Episode 13: Accelerating the adoption of AI & ML with Hila Lamm, Chief Strategy Officer of Firefly AI

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Hila Lamm, Chief Strategy Officer at Firefly AI In this episode, Max speaks to Hila Lamm; Chief Strategy Officer & Business Development at Firefly AI. Hila is an incredibly impressive executive with over 15 years of experience in enterprise software management, spearheading product, and market and go-to-market strategy. Hila also has a proven track record of success in managing product portfolio of big data and analytics based applications. Throughout her career, Hila has perfected a unique skill set of setting strategy, driving change and communicating ideas, while becoming an effective leader of both direct and matrix teams. Accelerating the adoption of AI and ML Artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding rapidly throughout all aspects of the enterprise, but some businesses are failing to embrace the technology. During this episode, Hila thus investigates why some companies are struggling to accelerate their adoption of AI and ML. Moreover, Hila and Max explore the future adoption and implementation of AI alongside the skill gap for development. Finally, Hila discusses whether cutting-edge AI research and resources can eventually become available to everyone. Want to have your content distributed globally to over 300,000 decision makers and c-suite experts? Want to generate SQLs/MQLs for your business? Tell us your audience right here.