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Global cryptocurrency market reaches record $60 billion

It may still be an obscure and weird world, but cryptocurrencies are gaining global credibility and have reached record valuations. The most well known...

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The Evolution of Collaboration Russell Harpman, Director EMEA Revolabs provides insight into the evolution of collaboration trends. Revolabs Inc. is the premier provider of audio solutions for unified communications,...

Video Conferencing in the Cloud John Tracey, Director of Cloud,  Starleaf Provides insight into integrating Skype for business and your current video conferencing deployment into one within the cloud. StarLeaf...

Sharing Screens with Wireless Connectivity Michael Vanderheeren, Product Manager, Clickshare  Barco provides insight into the role of IT in the enterprise and show of their new wireless connectivity collaboration...

Canon and the Collaboration Space.

Colin Boyle, Product Marketing Specialist, Canon Europe provides insight into the future of AV & IT convergence for the enterprise and the main challenges Canon are seeing in the collaboration space.

Data Lake: Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data

Data Lake: Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data

Didier Jaubert – CEO at Arkadin

Didier Jaubert, CEO from Arkadin provides insight into the moving world of modern business after his speech at ISE Amsterdam 2017.
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Tech M&A Weekly Roundup

Enterprise Digital Transformation - EU June
Unicom - New Gen Testing


Keep Moving with the Times

Tech has moved at a considerable pace since Thomas J. Watson said ‘I think there’s a world market for about five computers’. In fact, you have to keep moving with the times or be left behind as the upsurge in digital has led to mammoth workplace transformations, heightened customer expectations and a dynamism that brings with it both opportunities and risks.

With this in mind, this edition of the magazine explores: – The top 6 tips for shaping your customer experience

  • Met Office discussing how to use predictive analytics
  • What it takes to be a successful Chief Technology Officer
  • The importance of Internet of Things security
  • How GDPR will affect privacy
  • And finally, we look at the biggest disruptions in tech in 2016

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EM360° Presents…

This is the first in a series of ‘EM360° Presents… Insights With Cyber Leaders’ where highly respected security analyst Amar Singh from Cyber Management Alliance speaks candidly with leaders in tech about the industry.
In this video Amar chats with Raj Samani - CTO for Intel in EMEA and an active member of an advisory group on internet security for EUROPOL CyberCrime Centre.

Insights With Cyber Leaders

cyber managment video


The 451 Alliance weighs in on the UK’s exit from the EU

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