Solution providers

Skyhawk Security

Skyhawk Security is the originator of Cloud Threat Detection and Response (CDR), leveraging a multi-layer AI-based approach to identify and stop cloud threats before they become breaches. Skyhawk revolutionizes CDR with its Continuous Proactive Protection, an AI-powered Autonomous Purple Team, enabling security teams to take a proactive approach to cloud security for the very first time. Skyhawk’s platform evolves cloud security posture management far beyond scanning and static configuration analysis, continuously adapting and improving threat detection so that it is always aligned with the cloud architecture. Skyhawk Security is a spin-off of Radware.

Vonahi Security

Vonahi Security, a Kaseya Company, is a pioneer in building the future of offensive cybersecurity through automation. vPenTest from Vonahi is a SaaS platform that fully replicates manual internal and external network testing, making it easy and affordable for organizations to continuously evaluate cybersecurity risks in real-time. vPenTest is used by managed service providers, managed security service providers, and internal IT teams.

Trusted by the world’s leading companies, including IBM, Google, and Capital One,’s enterprise suite of application security tools is designed to help you build and manage a mature, proactive AppSec program. understands the different AppSec requirements of developers and security teams. Unlike other AppSec solutions that force everyone to use a single tool, helps them work in harmony by giving each team different, but complementary, tools—enabling them to stop chasing vulnerabilities and start proactively managing application risk.  Learn more at


At Teradata, we believe that people thrive when empowered with better information. Our best-in-class cloud analytics and data platform delivers the harmonized data and trusted AI/ML organizations need for confident decision-making, faster innovation, and impactful business results.  


Sumsub is a full-cycle verification platform that secures the whole user journey. With Sumsub's customizable KYC, KYB, Transaction Monitoring and Fraud Prevention solutions, you can orchestrate your verification process, welcome more customers worldwide, meet compliance requirements, reduce costs, and protect your business. We have over 2,000 clients across the fintech, crypto, transportation, trading, e-commerce and gaming industries including Bitpanda, Wirex, Avis, Bybit, Huobi, Kaizen Gaming, and TransferGo.

Blackwell Security

Blackwell is a driving force in healthcare cybersecurity, transforming how security operations are conducted within this critical sector. Our mission? To bring unmatched clarity and openness to cyber protections, breaking away from the outdated "Black Box" model. At Blackwell, we believe in empowerment through transparency, making health systems and HIPAA-compliant organizations active, informed participants in their cybersecurity journey.


Guardz offers MSPs and IT professionals an AI-driven cybersecurity platform to secure and insure SMBs against cyberattacks. Our unified detection and response platform protects users, emails, devices, cloud directories, and data. We simplify cybersecurity management, allowing businesses to focus on growth while minimizing security complexities. Guardz's cost-effective, scalable pricing model ensures protection for all digital assets and supports rapid deployment and business expansion.


DoubleCloud helps start-ups and established organizations streamline their data analytics infrastructure to enable real-time data analysis. All based on fully managed, open source technologies that allow your data engineers to focus on what they do best… building great products. Let us take care of the repetitive scaling, updates, installations, additional software deployments, and other mundane tasks while you get on with the important stuff.

Data is revolutionising the way businesses across the globe handle data privacy and information security compliance. The cutting-edge SaaS platform provides a comprehensive roadmap to robust and scalable governance, risk and compliance for organisations of all sizes and maturities. With a global presence and over 25,000 users, including enterprise clients like Moneycorp, Siemens and Ricoh, simplifies complex processes across over 100 standards and regulations, empowering organisations worldwide to secure and scale their compliance with ease. 


Radware Radware is a global leader of application delivery and cyber security solutions for virtual, cloud and software defined data centers. Our award-winning solutions portfolio delivers service level assurance for business-critical applications, while maximizing IT efficiency. Radware solutions empower more than 10,000 enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down. Radware’s corporate headquarters are located in the U.S. (Mahwah, NJ) and international headquarters are located in Tel Aviv. Global presence includes offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

Red Canary

Red Canary stops cyber threats no one else does, so organizations can fearlessly pursue their missions. Security leaders all share one goal: ‘Don’t get breached.’ Since day one at Red Canary, enterprises have relied on us to find and stop threats before they can cause harm. The most sophisticated security teams trust us for our intelligence-led Security Operations platform run by world-class security experts.  We manage, detect and respond to prevalent threats across cloud, identity and endpoint so you can have more time to focus on business-specific specific security needs and requirements. We got you.

Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security provides the leading behavioral AI-based email security platform that leverages machine learning to stop sophisticated inbound email attacks and dangerous email platform attacks that evade traditional solutions. The anomaly detection engine leverages identity and context to analyze the risk of every cloud email event, preventing inbound email attacks, detecting compromised accounts, and remediating emails and messages—all while providing visibility into configuration drifts across your environment. You can deploy Abnormal in minutes with an API integration for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

Data is the developer of Vespa, a platform for applications that leverage AI and data to deliver experiences to end users online in real-time, such as search, recommendation, personalization, and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). Vespa automatically organizes data, inference, and logic to allow applications to work with any volume of data and concurrent queries. It is available both as a managed service and as open source. Vespa is architected for low latency and scale (>100K queries/second), making it the only practical solution for large systems such as Spotify and Yahoo.


Infinipoint is an Identity Access Security company redefining the way workforce access is done. Infinipoint eliminates account and device takeover attacks by marrying passwordless user and device authentication, with robust device posture checks, in a single-sign-on process. With Infinipoint, companies can verify every user, device and login request and block phishing, prompt fatigue and weak device posture attacks. And with one-click-remediations at the point-of-access, users don’t get blocked and can keep working, uninterrupted. As for IT teams, Infinipoint provides a device compliance and remediation gate, on access. Now they can focus on designing access policies that will be verified on every login request while keeping a delightful seamless login process for their users.


Infrastructure Management
Vantage is the leading independent FinOps solution, simplifying cloud cost management through native integrations and automations – helping customers optimize their spend and realize savings. Vantage optimizes billions of dollars in annualized infrastructure costs for over 10,000 organizations globally, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, including Block, PBS, and Aflac.  Vantage was founded in 2020 by Ben Schaechter and Brooke McKim. They are applying the same ethos of simplicity to the demystification of cloud bills gathered from their combined experiences leading infrastructure teams at AWS and DigitalOcean. Located in NYC, Vantage includes professionals with experience scaling companies like AWS, DigitalOcean, Stripe, MongoDB, GitHub, and Cloudflare.