Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies for 2023

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top digital transformation companies

Staying ahead in the digital era means embracing the power of technology. Companies from all over the world are becoming increasingly digital, embracing new technologies AI and the cloud to increase productivity and enhance business operations.  

But digital transformation is not just about adopting new technologies. It's a journey, not a destination, and requires a continuous commitment to innovation and change. 

It's about getting ready for the future. 

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is about using technology to fundamentally rethink and redesign the way an organisation works. This goes beyond just implementing new technologies and requires a complete rethinking of business processes, models, and strategies to enable digitalisation. 

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A digital transformation journey typically involves using new technologies to create new business processes, products, and services. It’s all about creating new value for customers and employees, building a more agile and adaptable business and improving productivity through technology. 

Of course, this process is different for every organisation. It's also constantly evolving The rise of new technologies like AI and Web3, for instance, are changing the way companies implement a digital transformation strategy and their approach to digitalisation.

Most strategies, however, involve digital transformation companies that help companies get ready for the future of technology. 

Choosing a Digital Transformation Company

Choosing a top digital transformation company

Choosing the best digital transformation company for your business is crucial. The right digital transformation campaign can lead to higher revenues, reduced errors, and a stronger customer experience.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a digital transformation company:

  • Expertise. Look for a company with experience in your industry and with the technologies that you want to implement.
  • Track record. Ask for references and case studies from past clients. This will give you an idea of the company's track record and its ability to deliver on its promises.
  • Approach. Make sure that the company's approach to digital transformation aligns with your own. For example, some companies focus on technology implementation, while others focus on helping you to develop a digital transformation strategy.
  • Culture. It is important to choose a company with a culture that is compatible with your own. You want to work with a team that is passionate about digital transformation and that shares your values.

The company you choose will be responsible for helping you implement your digital transformation strategy and achieve your goals.

Top Digital Transformation Companies

There are a variety of digital transformation companies on the market today that can help you embrace new technologies to achieve your business goals. 

Here are ten of the top digital transformation companies that can help you progress in your digital transformation journey and navigate the digital age.


Specialising in digital transformation services for small and medium-sized enterprises, Navisite is a trusted digital transformation partner for growing and established global brands. The company helps businesses to navigate change and drive business outcomes through every part of the modernization lifecycle, from cloud migration and management to enterprise application, intelligent automation and cybersecurity.

Whether you need help managing the day-to-day or accelerating digital transformation, you deserve a partner you can rely on. Naviste is platform-agnostic and has deep expertise across cloud providers, enterprise applications and digital technologies. This means when you partner with Navisite, you get a custom-tailored solution that works best for your digital transformation goals and overall business objectives. 


Powered by knowledge, research, and fresh perspectives, Trianz helps organisations transition to a digital enterprise through a holistic, data-driven approach to digital transformation. Beginning with competitive benchmarking, the company helps clients develop digital transformation strategies and roadmaps and transform their business operations through technology. Every strategy, business model, process and technology implementation service is driven by data and the company’s two decades of experience in driving change.

With Trianz, companies can leverage state-of-the-art technologies and in-depth industry experience to take the next step in their growth campaigns. Trianz benefits from longstanding partnerships with over 10,000 tech leaders around the world specialising in everything from Cloud, analytics and application security to manufacturing and the supply chain. It has also studied e have studied digital transformations across 20 industries worldwide, collecting data from business and technology leaders from over companies to digitally empower companies across the globe. 


Infogain is a leading provider of digital transformation services and consulting support. The company is an excellent option for organisations that need to create a reliable plan for the future and embrace the power of technology and has served five of the top fifty largest businesses in the world. Offering a unique approach to digital transformation strategy, Infogain works hand-in-hand with clients to help them overcome the challenges in their specific niche.

The company also focuses on creating new marketing opportunities for evolving brands through customer-centric and disruptive decisions. With Infogain, you get the benefit of a 100% follow-up process after consultation. You also get a complete roadmap for your modernisation strategy. 


Digital transformation services form a crucial part of the KPMG consulting portfolio. The brand launches each digital transformation project with customers by thinking about what that business would have done if it had been “born digital.” 

More specifically, this means imagining what you would have done to help your company grow if you didn’t have any legacy processes or equipment to worry about. Once clients can see a strategic path to the future with the correct modern technology, KPMG works with each customer to put their transformation plan in place. What’s more, KPMG is dedicated to making sure that each digital transformation policy they implement has a positive impact on their client’s bottom line. 


You might associate Deloitte with its leading market insights and reports, but the company has also spent years helping companies in search of digital transformation services and support. The consulting giant uses its state-of-the-art innovation lab as part of its transformation methodology for clients, empowering business leaders to drive innovation across the organisation using new technology.

Through in-depth consultation services, Deloitte can help businesses of all sizes and industries prepare for the changing trends in their environment. The company also has a strong history of identity and responding to evolutions in the marketplace, and it can help today’s businesses do the same as part of a digital transformation campaign. 


Genpact is one of the many leading companies in the digital landscape that believes in the importance of real transformation. Today’s leading organisations can’t thrive using legacy systems and tools. Genpact ensures that your business has everything it needs to step into the next generation. In particular, it enables your business to embrace everything from automation and analytics to artificial intelligence (AI).

Genpact offers clients access to a team of dedicated transformation consultants. These Genpact specialists start by assessing the current state of your company. Then, they will determine which steps you need to take to transform and solve problems at scale. 


Capgemini helps businesses make the most of digital opportunities so they can transform into digital enterprises. The company focuses on three “playing fields” dedicated to the digitalisation of areas at the core of businesses: Customer First, Intelligent Industry, and Enterprise Management. This approach is underpinned by the two technological pillars of data and cloud, combining Capgemini’s end-to-end cloud services with sector-specific expertise, advanced cloud technologies and global resources to guide your digital transformation journey every step of the way. 

Capgemini’s strong partnerships with the world’s leading hyper scalers mean the company can harness their innovations to accelerate yours. Its full-service portfolio also enables you to take advantage of the transformative power of new technologies such as data and AI, transforming your business into a digital enterprise that can adapt to the changing world and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.


With a global presence and offices in over 170 countries, IBM has over 100 years of experience in helping businesses around the world solve their biggest challenges. The company uses digital transformation consultation and cloud-based solutions to help companies navigate an increasingly dynamic, complex and competitive world. It aligns transformation with business strategy to create competitive advantage and a clear focus on business impact, leveraging technology, data and market research to modernize systems and transform the operating model to drive agility and overall growth. 

As a leading business strategy consulting firm, IBM can help you transform core enterprise operations and applications to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability. You can access everything from expert guidance and implementation support to bring your digital transformation campaign to life. Not only does IBM offer exceptional consultation for digital transformation initiatives, but it can also provide managed services to simplify your journey into the cloud. Businesses can discuss their unique needs with an expert to get started. 


Accenture is a global professional services company that provides a broad range of services and innovative solutions to embrace the power of technology. The company has a strong track record of helping businesses of all sizes and industries thrive in an ever-changing landscape, allowing it to handle complex projects and provide its clients with access to the latest technologies and best practices. It also has a deep industry knowledge across a wide range of industries, allowing it to understand the specific challenges and opportunities that businesses face – no matter their industry. 

Accenture believes that if you want to stay ahead in the current landscape, you need to create digital trends, rather than just following them. This means that you don’t just get consultation services with Accenture – you also get a complete business model revamp. The digital transformation solution from Accenture includes in-depth analytics that helps you understand the current pain points and bottlenecks in your organisation. What's more, you'll have access to a host of Accenture tools for mobility, IoT, generative AI, and other digitally transforming technologies.


Pairing bold thinking and innovation with practical know-how, Cognizant empowers business leaders by challenging them to ask the right questions and create a business that is ready to meet the needs of its customers and employees. With an impressive portfolio of world-class clients, the company provides all the expertise and support you need to embrace new technologies and navigate the digital age. Its industry experts have decades of experience in designing digital transformation projects across sectors and related industries, helping you identify and solve their most critical business challenges using technology as an enabler. 

With Cognizant you engineer digital products and experiences to drive digital-first business models. The company offers some of the most comprehensive digital engineering expertise available to help clients transform legacy applications into modern tools. For companies looking to modernise their core infrastructure and enterprise platforms, Cognizant offers endless tools for sustainable innovation to prepare you for the digital age.