Ask The Expert: Tristan Nitot talks about understanding the risk of search engine data collection

Tristan Nitot

Searching For Privacy

Tristan Nitot is the Vice President Advocacy at Qwant. Tristan is an Open Source executive specializing in Internet-related technologies, community building and Open-Source Marketing.

In this podcast, Tristan discusses the dangers users face of not understanding how their data is collected and used. Also, what Qwant means for the future of search engines. Lastly, the importance of having open source software as a prominent focus in the tech industry. 

“We have seen last year with the Cambridge analytica scandal with Facebook and to be honest we think there are many other scandals still hidden about Facebook and user data similar to Cambridge Analytica.”

“All of us as users we are not customers, we are like cows or pigs, we’re in a farm and we’re being fed, we’re being used but we’re not customers…somehow in the internet world because we’re used to being consumers and customers we think that we are customers of these giant platforms and this is an issue.”

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