CxO of the Week: C Vijayakumar, CEO and President of HCL Technologies

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C Vijayakumar, otherwise known as CVK or Vijay, is the CEO and President of HCL Technologies, a technology company with a growing presence worldwide. Vijay is responsible for leading the HCL Technologies team, which includes more than 143,000 industry professionals spread across 44 countries.  Vijay helps today's businesses reimagine the way their businesses run and transform their operations for digital transformation. He is also responsible for driving HCL's campaign for differentiation in today's competitive environment. This includes overseeing the execution of new campaigns, partnerships, and growth plans. Currently, Vijay is highly invested in promoting sustainable practices in the communities where he operates with HCL, with an emphasis on supporting STEM education for youths around the world. He is also committed to the Diversity and Talent transformation agenda. 

A Long History in HCL Technologies

Vijay joined HCL back in 1994 as a core member of the transformational brand's team. He was part of the group responsible for designing and implementing the first fully automated trading network on the Indian National Stock Exchange. His broad global outlook and strategic vision made Vijay an exceptional leader, capable of navigating the ever-evolving technology landscape.  As the years have passed, Vijay has taken on a range of responsibilities across technology, sales, operations, and delivery. In 2016, HCL appointed him as COO. Before becoming CEO, Vijay played a significant part in the growth of the HCL company. In particular, he helped push the evolution of the infrastructure services line for the business. Today, this area contributes about 40% of HCL's revenues.  Vijay is also one of the key persons responsible for pioneering the remote infrastructure management proposition offered by HCL. His part in creating this innovative new technology helped HCL become a multibillion-dollar enterprise. 

An Inspirational Leader

Over the years, Vijay has earned a reputation in the technology space for his hands-on approach, unique leadership style, and incredible vision. Currently, as CEO of HCL Technologies, Vijay is the highest-paid CEO in the IT space.

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