Ask The Expert: Blair Pleasant talks user adoption in Unified Communications

Blair Pleasant provides insights into user adoption and using Unified Communications deployment in the most effective way possible.

Blair Pleasant is the Co-Founder of which helps provide resources for anyone in Unified Communications. She is also the President and Principal Analyst for COMMfusion, who provide insights, analysis and consulting to help develop strategies and tactics in business communications.

In this podcast, Blair helps to explain why user adoption is necessary for Unified Communications deployment. Also, how training is one of the most important aspects of a user adoption strategy.

“When I give presentations on user adoption, I always refer to the Field of Dreams expression “If you build it they will come” that might work for baseball fields but that’s not the way it works for Unified Communications. We really need to focus on usage and adoption and it’s not just about making the technology work.”

“It’s not about the technology. It’s about how people are using technology to do their jobs better and more effectively.”

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