Ask the Expert: Ian Moyse, EMEA Sales Director at Natterbox Ltd

Ian Moyse, EMEA Sales Director at Natterbox Ltd

In this Ask the Expert, we are joined by Ian Moyse, EMEA Sales Director at Natterbox Ltd, an innovator in the cloud telephony space. Ian is a well-recognised sales leader in the cloud industry. In fact, his LinkedIn Power Profile is testament to his influence in the industry. Ian also has demonstrable history in leading rapid growth through sales leadership.

Ian joins us in this episode for a discussion on omnichannel. More specifically, he walks us through the ‘good’ and the ‘ugly’ sides of it. Ian firstly begins by exploring why omnichannel has become a hot topic as of late. He also delves into why it’s important and what makes it a customer-centric approach. As well as this, Ian details the challenges associated with going omnichannel. Furthermore, he outlines how an omnichannel approach can enhance customer service within cloud call centres. Finally, Ian shares his thoughts on how omnichannel will reshape customer experience in the future.

“You’ve got to think about it from the outside-in”

“We’re in a world where customers are more and more willing to self-serve”