Ask the Expert: David Liu, Founder and CEO at Deltapath

David Liu, Founder and CEO at Deltapath

This week’s Ask the Expert is with David Liu, who is Founder and CEO at Deltapath. Deltapath is a leading unified communications technology company driving business collaboration. In his role, David oversees the company’s vision, strategy, and growth. As well as this, David is responsible for spearheading their technical strategy. What’s more, David led the development of the company’s SIP-based telephone system.

In this podcast, David lends his expertise to outline trends in the workforce. Specifically, he explores the different generations, their skill sets, and their different needs. Further to this, David delves into the specifics of attracting and retaining millennials. Finally, David discusses whether saving time actually means saving money.

“Millenials don’t actually just want to work from home. they want to work from anywhere”

“We really need to have a platform that satisfies all across these generations in the workforce”

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