Top 10 Bot Management Solutions

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13/12/2019 07:38 AM
Top 10 Bot Management Solutions

Bots are quickly emerging as a common part of the business landscape.

The right bots are incredibly useful; they help companies automate repetitive tasks, empower their employees, and manage more efficient life cycles. However, not all bots are good. Unknown bots and crawlers are often dangerous when they make their way into an organisation’s system. These bots can put your data security at risk, harm process performance, and more.

Bot management software solutions allow companies to separate the good bots from the bad bots. In turn, you can enjoy a more comprehensive insight into your tech stack. So, which bot management solutions should you be investing in for 2020?

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Finally, Akamai’s Bot Manager is built on top of the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, which has more than 240,000 servers located around the world for incredible resiliency and scale. Clients, bots, and users connect to your application using the correct Akamai server, and the Bot Manager identifies, detects, and manages all bots at the edge before they reach your data centres or applications.

The Akamai bot manager is designed to take crucial actions against bot activity at the edge of the server, which means that only the cleanest and safest traffic ends up at your server. Deep learning algorithms also adjust to the trends in legitimate traffic, so you get a system that’s constantly improving and evolving.


Radware bot manager is the most comprehensive protection solution now available for mobile applications, web applications, and APIs from an emerging generation of automated threats and bots that target applications and critical systems. This solution allows for a precise and comprehensive level of bot management across all channels, combining granular intent analysis and behavioural modelling for state-of-the-art intelligence. There are even device fingerprinting tools included too.

Radware Bot manager offers protection from various forms of account takeover, including denial of inventory, card fraud, DDoS, web scraping, and more. The proprietary technology provides an unparalleled level of accuracy and precision


ShieldSquare is a critical API-based bot management solution intended for the detection, elimination, and management of bot traffic from mobile apps, websites, and APIs in real-time environments. The ShieldSquare solution takes advantage of in-depth behavioural analysis with an intent-based focus. It also offers access to things like device fingerprinting and domain-specific detection technology too.

ShieldSquare promises to protect its users against automated attacks like application DDoS, account takeovers, card fraud, API abuse, content scraping, ad fraud, and more. Additionally, ShieldSquare safeguards more than 80,000 internet properties owned and managed by global brands in over 70 countries. The Forrester New Wave report named ShieldSquare a leader for the bot management market this year too


Instart is a comprehensive bot management solution that helps protect businesses against automated fraud and other dangers. These include account takeover strategies, credential stuffing, gift card fraud, and inventory holding. With Instart, you can confidentially detect and mitigate sophisticated bot attacks, keep pace with new attacks by tracking important signals from digital assets, and collect third-party data.

Instart also allows business security teams to easily investigate and respond to attacks in real-time, allowing for the implementation of new rules and strategies. All security events are consolidated into a single view for easier insights too


Netacea promises smarter bot management by helping businesses prevent dangerous bot activity through machine learning algorithms and AI. The Intent Analytics environment within Netacea’s software allows companies to manage and understand bot attacks in real-time, while still allowing humans, search engines, and other important bots to access your site and networks.

Netacea’s machine learning approach means that the system can easily analyse millions of requests at once to produce a consistent and reliable stream of real-time recommendations for your applications and web assets. There’s also a robust back-end dashboard that businesses can use to make informed decisions about their traffic


Cloudflare is an immersive global cloud platform offering bot management and protection. With Cloudflare, you can access and use threat intelligence from a robust cloud-based network to mitigate potentially bad bots. The Bot Management service applies data-driven and automated solutions to bot management, with machine learning solutions applied to traffic across more than 20 million internet-based properties. Cloudflare even scores each request to see how likely it is to come from a bot.

Because not all bots are necessarily bad, Cloudflare also automatically updates the list of good bots in your network too, so you’re not defending against any potentially beneficial bots on your application or system


DataDome is one of the market-leading solutions available today for real-time bot protection. This SaaS offering for eCommerce businesses deploys in a matter of minutes. What’s more, it does so on any web infrastructure, with an easy-to-customise back-end that runs on autopilot. DataDome provides real-time AI-infused protection against all automated threats in the digital landscape, including things like SQL injection, DDoS attacks, and credential stuffing.

DataDome doesn’t change the architecture in your technology, so everything can continue running smoothly. Additionally, all unwanted traffic is managed on the back-end for you, reducing the pressure on your IT team. DataDome also comes with one of the most comprehensive bot management tool dashboards in the industry


Previously known as Distil Networks, Imperva offers bot management to protect mobile applications, websites, and APIs from a host of automated threats. The solution works seamlessly in the background of your operations, without affecting the natural flow of crucial business traffic. Bot management is an essential component in Imperva’s full-stack application security.

As part of the Application Security Solution, the bot management tool protects all access points. In particular, it does so with a choice of multiple unique response options for incoming bot traffic. You can also analyse bot information for insights into trending anomalies.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba is a name that most people associate with digital marketplaces and dropshipping. However, the company also offers a wide variety of cloud-based services through Alibaba Cloud. The Anti-Bot service from Alibaba is a state-of-the-art anti-bot protection solution reducing the impact of automated attacks on a website.

Designed to offer extensive defence and support for HTML5 websites, web applications, mobile apps, APIs, and more, the Alibaba Cloud anti-bot service is ideal for online scalping, core API exploitation, and user enumeration protection, among other things. The service is based on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which allows for custom policies too. offers a basis server security tool to companies that want to access bot management as part of a complete firewall strategy. You can install the service within a matter of minutes, and there’s very little maintenance to worry about. With both cloud-based and on-premise elements, is essentially a digital agent that sits within a company’s infrastructure and sends attack information to a central server in the cloud.

The defence network ensures that every protected server in the BitNinja community can learn from every attack. What’s more, it shares the information it gathers with the central server, meaning the system keeps getting better over time