In today’s rapidly-changing technological environment, data offers new ways for business to improve or even completely transform their business models. But with this rapid change, it’s difficult to separate hype from reality and determine what practical steps can show value in real-world implementations.

In this podcast series, we set out to ask:

• How is Data transforming business?
• What can it now do to help you improve your business?

In a series of informative panel discussions, industry expert Donna Burbank gives a quick primer on five considerations in implementing a successful data strategy — and with the help of end-users and vendor thought leaders, explains why she thinks they are essentially connected in helping organisations transform their business using data.

Series 2

How to Easily Productise the Management of Data

Self-service business intelligence (BI) is a growing trend as more and more business users want to be in greater control of their own reporting and analytics.  Often these efforts are stymied however, when business users are faced with the underlying complexities of the data structures and interrelationships between data sources, particularly with ERP systems.  These systems, which often support critical business functions such as sales and marketing and which hold some of the most valuable enterprise data, are typically made up of complex relationships between thousands of database tables.  Given this complexity, is self-service BI is a realistic goal?  Are there tools and techniques that can mask the complexities of the underlying systems, or is this technical complexity a “necessary evil” that business users need to face if they want to do their own reporting?

Join this podcast series with Sage and Zap BI as they discuss how their solutions address the challenge of providing data insights and self-service BI in the complex world of business-critical ERP systems.


Episode 1 – NOW LIVE
Best Practices in Becoming a Data-Driven Organisation


Episode 2
Self-Service Business Intelligence for ERP Systems – Dream or Reality?


Episode 3
Unlocking Business Insights from ERP Systems

Series 1

In this first series, you will learn to be technically aware to avoid relying on others to understand the architecture that is being delivered to support your requirements. Donna will help you uncover an understanding that will help you have more strategic conversations and encourage your peers to adopt a data-driven approach. This will help to drive commercial value and ensure that the organisation is fully compliant while taking advantage of the new innovation that the data management industry has to offer.


Episode 1
Data is Transforming Business: Is Data Quality & Data Governance keeping pace?


Episode 2
Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimisation Using Hadoop


Episode 3
Data is Transforming Business: Data Modelling, Digital transformation and data as a profit driver


Episode 4
The Role of the CDO in Data-Driven Business Transformation


Episode 5
Powering Digital Business Transformation through Information

Meet the host

Donna Burbank
Managing Director at Global Data Strategy


Donna Burbank, Global Data Strategy, is a recognised industry expert in information management with over 20 years of experience in data management, metadata management, and enterprise architecture. Her background is multi-faceted across consulting, product development, product management, brand strategy, marketing, and business leadership. She has served in key brand strategy and product management roles at CA Technologies and Embarcadero Technologies for several of the leading data management products in the market.