Top 10 Data Cleansing Solutions for the Enterprise


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Today’s businesses need to do a lot more than just collect data to succeed in the current landscape. Companies also need to make sure that the information that they’re gathering is accurate, high quality, and reliable too. The best data tools allow organisations to analyse, manage, and scrub data from various sources. Such sources include Internet of Things devices, social media logs, email, and databases.  With a reliable data cleansing solution, businesses can remove issues like formatting errors and redundancies that make their data less accessible or accurate. Data cleansing solutions can also make it easier for teams to assess their data using management services.  So, what kind of data cleansing tools should you consider for 2020?

Data Ladder

One of the best-known market leaders in data cleansing and management, Data Ladder has been rated the fastest and most accurate solution on the market today across 15 independent studies. The Data Ladder software gives you all the tools you need to match, clean, and dedupe data. You can also standardise and prepare your information, ready for other analytics strategies.  Data Ladder comes with an easy-to-use visual interface. Furthermore, it taps into a wide range of algorithms to identify fuzzy, phonetic, and abbreviated data issues. Data Ladder's DataMatch enterprise solution also offers an average accuracy rate of 96% for record samples of between 40k and 8 million. As well as this, the service supports integrations with countless connectors, including Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP, and more. 

IBM InfoSphere

Delivered by one of the world leaders in data and technology, the IBM InfoSphere QualityStage technology is available on-premise or in the cloud, offering a broad collection of data cleansing and management features. IBM focuses on providing businesses with consistent and accurate views of vendors, locations, products, and more. If you’re looking for a selection of rich capabilities for monitoring and managing data quality, this is the tool for you.  With IBM InfoSphere, you can investigate, manage, and cleanse your data for more complete views of everything, from your customers to your in-office employees and external vendors. IBM’s solution also helps you build quality data for your business intelligence and big data projects. 


One of the most popular and well-known data management and cleansing solutions on the market, WinPure is perfect for a range of tasks. WinPure's award-winning data cleansing and data matching software suite makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to improve the accuracy of their internal or customer data. With a couple of clicks, you can clean, correct, and standardise your data while eliminating any space-consuming duplications.  WinPure currently stands out as one of the global leaders in simple data cleansing and matching, used by brands like BBC, Vodafone, Microsoft, and countless others. The application also works across more than 50 countries worldwide. 


Cloudingo is another prominent data integrity tool and cleansing solution designed for the Salesforce ecosystem. This service tackles all data cleansing tasks you can think of, including deduplication, data migration, and more. The system can even use intelligence to spot human errors and problems with your data too.  Used by leading brands like Panasonic, Cisco and Square, Cloudingo is one of the most popular data management tools on the market, offering an exceptional level of flexibility and control to business leaders. What's more, there's even extra support for APIs with REST and SOAP frameworks.  

SAS Data Management

The SAS Data Management platform provides companies with a multitude of ways to take control of their data. The software comes with an immersive role-based graphical environment where business leaders get a complete birds-eye view of their data environment and the steps they can take to cleanse their information.  SAS data management comes with a number of fantastic tools for data governance, synchronisation, migration, ETL, and ELT. There are a number of strong metadata management capabilities included to help with maintaining accurate data, such as mapping, data lineage tools, and more. In 2019, Gartner named SAS one of the Leaders in its Magic Quadrant for tools supporting data integration for the ninth consecutive year.

Validity DemandTools

Validity is one of the market-leading data quality tools specifically designed for Salesforce administrators. This state-of-the-art system provides business leaders with a robust collection of tools intended to help with managing CRM data in the Salesforce environment. You can use Validity to cleanse a wide range of data sets, remove duplications, and even standardise Salesforce objects.  Validity is a comprehensive suite of data integrity tools, with capabilities like the option to reassign data ownership, find report modules, and use external data like Excel spreadsheets. As well as being highly reliable, Validity is very flexible and customisable. 

Talend Data Quality

Talend Data Quality concentrates on providing businesses with the tools they need to produce and maintain reliable data through a sophisticated cleansing framework. The system includes everything from pre-built components and connectors to machine learning tools. Companies can also access data governance and monitoring features and plenty of opportunities for data deduplication, standardisation, and validation too.  Talend supports both cloud-based and on-premise applications while offering peace of mind for things like PII protection. Talend’s data integrity application even comes with a graphical interface that makes it easier to drill down into the details about each data point’s accuracy. 

TIBCO Clarity

TIBCO Clarity is a quick and interactive application for data discovery, cleansing, and transformation. This application is all about giving businesses the tools that they need to analyse and clean large amounts of data at once. In turn, businesses can produce rich and accurate sets of information. The TIBCO Clarity software includes tools for profiling, standardising, validating, and transforming most major data sources and file types.  Clarity comes with a powerful built-in deduplication engine too. This means that companies can conduct quick and convenient pattern-based searches to find duplicate records and information. The immersive search engine is also highly customisable and allows users to deploy strategies based on a range of data management criteria, including thesaurus tables and columns. 

Informatica Master Data Management

Informatica's data quality, cleansing, and management solution is a form of master data tool. With Informatica, you can gain complete visibility into your digital transformation strategy. In particular, it gives you a 360-degree view of all the relationships in your databases.  The Informatica software enables you to do a lot more than just clean your information. You’ll also be able to play around with artificial intelligence insights, pre-built rules, and data quality updating tools. Informatica’s solution is great at handling the standardisation, validation, and consolidation of data in a range of environments. You can even use this system to automate things like data discovery, profiling, and matching. 


Previously known as Google Refine, OpenRefine is an open-source tool for manipulating, managing, and cleaning your data. It’s an excellent tool to have in your stack if you’re looking for a service that can clean up messy data and transform data from one format into another.  The OpenRefine application can accommodate a few hundred thousand rows of data, which is impressive for a free-to-use tool. You’ll also be able to access a host of editing tools alongside your cleansing software to rename data, filter it, and even add specific elements. The application can even interactively change large chunks of data in bulk to fit specific management requirements.