Data Transforming Business – Series 3, Episode 7

Episode 7: Cloudy Skies Lie Ahead – The Question Is: Public or Private?

The promise of the public cloud has instead paved the way for inconvenient costs. This is a result of applications becoming more refined, leaving companies wondering where to deploy them.

Does this mean that private cloud is the way forward? Joining us in this episode to talk public versus private is JR Rivers, Chief Technology Officer at Cumulus Networks.

JR walks us through the associated paths and questions with public and private cloud. He also introduces hybrid cloud as a third avenue, while delving into the challenges this comes with. Further to this, JR explains reasoning behind why companies would sway one way and not the other.

“in the end, everything that you do in IT today runs On a server in a data centre somewhere that somebody has to build and maintain”

“Some of the public cloud providers actually mine the data That exists at rest for their own purposes”