The Top 10 Data Centre Infrastructure Management Solutions for 2020

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Data is the world's most valuable resourceWhen data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions first appeared on the market, they were regularly dismissed as being too complicated or expensive for many businesses. However, as the technology landscape has evolved, DCIM projects have grown increasingly crucial.

Today, DCIM software offers companies a centralised way to manage their data. This makes it easier to track the health of an entire ecosystem, prevent disasters and downtime, and even improve company auditing. What's more, many modern DCIM solutions have evolved to suit the new data centre. This includes having options to track everything from hypervisors to virtual machines. 

The only question now is: which data centre infrastructure management solution is right for you?


Perhaps the best-known DCIM provider in the world, Cisco storms ahead of the competition when it comes to helping IT teams move at an incredible speed to support the need of agile businesses. With Cisco DCIM, companies can access extensive visibility, consistent operational efficiency, and complete automation for their data centre environments.

The Data Centre Network Manager tool from Cisco is the network management platform that fits with any business need. Cisco customers can access storage networking management, visibility, monitoring, automation, and more, all within the same efficient system.


Around the world, Intel is known for it’s state-of-the-art approach to technological innovation. Today, Intel offers everything from artificial intelligence to DCIM technology, intended to help with endeavours like providing accurate real-time power data and providing constant health monitoring.

Intel’s data centre management tools will allow you to track the performance of all your essential assets. As well as that, it helps you predict potential problems and downtime based on what you learn. What’s more, with all Intel’s in-depth information, you can increase your power usage and reduce the risk of power outages.


Global With around 275 instances of DCIM systems installed worldwide today, Geist Global’s DCIM offering is one of the most popular around. There are two fundamental DCIM offerings available from this company, Evironet and Racknet. Both of these support the needs of everyone from power strip aggregation companies to enterprises.

Geist Global offers everything from real-time reporting for your data centres, to billing modules for co-location facilities, asset management, environmental monitoring, and power capacity planning. You can even set up alerts and alarms in case something goes wrong with your system.

Digital Realty

A leading specialist in data centre provisioning and support, Digital Realty is one of the largest data centre providers in the world. In 2018, this company owned more than 132 fully operational data centres worldwide.

More than just one of the largest data centre solutions, Digital Realty is also one of the most innovative too. The company continually invests in R&D to support the delivery of bigger and better strategies for data centre infrastructure management. No matter your business size or data type you need, Digital Realty will have the support that you need.


Created as a way of transforming the way that data centres are managed through high-quality and second-generation DCIM software, Sunbird takes data centre management to the next level. Offering a next-level focus on real user scenarios and pain points, Sunbird helps data centre operators manage tasks and deliver solutions faster than ever before.

With Sunbird, users can even access countless interactive reports for better overviews into their biggest business efficiency questions. You can also see summary panels for an overview of your data or filter through results to get the most relevant data sets in an instant.


Nlyte is another well-known data centre infrastructure management solution, used by some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated data champions. In particular, Nlyte has been delivering next-level IT infrastructure and data management solutions for over 15 years. Thus, it has a fantastic background in the marketplace. Additionally, Nlyte’s offerings are easy to use out of the box. Therefore, they are a great choice for any business.

With Nlyte DCIM, companies can access detailed and valuable information about their environment and business assets, combined with environment flexibility, robust reporting and dashboards, and support for provisioning, decommissioning, and tech refreshing.


Vertiv is an innovative digital company dedicated to designing, building, and supporting critical services infrastructure in the modern business landscape. With DCIM solutions custom-made to address the needs of the current mobile and cloud computing markets, Vertiv has plenty of great ways for companies to transform their business operations.

The Vertiv DCIM flagship product is Trellis, a platform that offers real-time infrastructure optimisation. This state-of-the-art platform is scalable and versatile, with enough flexibility to address the ever-changing needs of today’s businesses.


Whether you’re just looking for a solution to manage a handful of storage arrays, or you need a DCIM strategy that covers thousands of virtual machines and switches, SolarWinds has you covered. SolarWinds offers a wide selection of data centre monitoring tools for the modern landscape, including tools to unify your visibility across the storage and computing network and real-time performance management systems.

SolarWinds also offers health performance monitoring throughout all critical data centre switches using the Network Insight for Cisco Nexus platform. Not only do you get all the tools you need, but SolarWinds combines everything into a single platform too, for easier accessibility.


Created with a focus on flexibility and scalability, OpenDCIM is like nothing else in the data centre infrastructure management landscape. This free, web-based application was intended to help developers build the perfect strategy for their data centre management solution. Rather than offering a commercial product, OpenDCIM allows developers to build a system from scratch, then share it with others around the web.

The OpenDCIM goal is to eliminate the need to track data using inefficient spreadsheets and word processing documents. Instead, users can quickly and accurately track the performance of the data centre. As well as this, they can manage all aspects of capacity, and engage in fault tolerance tracking too.

Schneider Electric

One of the best-known and most reliable providers of connected technology solutions, Schneider Electric focuses on delivering strategies that are sustainable, reliable and efficient. In particular, Schneider is a leader in the digital transformation of automation and energy management. This year, the business introduced the EcoStruxture IT advisor for improved DCIM functionality through the cloud.

With EcoStruxture, Schneider Electric can deliver all the benefits of DCIM in a platform that’s accessible anywhere, at any time. According to the brand, hybrid data centre architectures are quickly forcing the industry to rethink data collection and management. The latest development in EcoStruxture adheres to the workplace of tomorrow.