5 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch For in 2024

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Cloud Computing

Spending by businesses on cloud computing is forecast to surpass $1 trillion in 2024, according to IDC. Driven by new platforms, improving as-a-service offerings and strides in AI integration, cloud computing is a big deal. 

The next 12 months will prove to be huge for cloud as it continues to be an exciting and dynamic driver of innovation for businesses technologically ahead of the curve. 

In today’s Emerge5, we’re counting down 5 of the cloud computing trends to watch for in 2024.

Real-Time Cloud Infrastructure

In 2024, businesses will focus on utilizing real-time data to gain immediate insights instead of relying on outdated information. Simultaneously, the consumption of data will predominantly occur through streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, Zoom, Teams, and emerging cloud gaming platforms.

As a result, there will be a growing demand for storage solutions that emphasize instant accessibility, such as Flash and solid-state storage devices, among cloud customers.



Cloud infrastructure plays a significant role in democratizing AI access, unlocking its potential for widespread adoption and the economic and social advantages it promises. Complex AI models like ChatGPT's large language model (LLM) require extensive data and computational resources for training.

Many businesses lack the capacity to undertake this independently. However, by utilizing AI-as-a-service via cloud platforms, these businesses can harness this revolutionary technology for their benefit.


Sustainable Cloud Computing

Major cloud service providers have committed to achieving net-zero emissions, not only for their own activities but also to assist their customers in lowering their carbon footprints. Amazon plans to reach zero emissions by 2040, while Microsoft aims to achieve this goal ten years earlier.

In addition to Google, these companies have expressed their commitment to sourcing 100 percent of their operational energy from renewable sources. Whether they achieve these targets is uncertain, but the drive toward environmentally friendly and sustainable cloud computing will be a prominent trend in 2024.


Edge Computing and Native Clouds

Edge computing and native clouds are two interconnected trends poised to enhance the speed and scalability of cloud applications. Edge computing involves processing data nearer to its origin, like devices, sensors, or users, minimizing latency and bandwidth usage. Native clouds pertain to creating applications tailored for the cloud environment, utilizing its features and services efficiently.

Privacy in the Cloud

Cloud privacy pertains to the continuous advancement of technological, regulatory, and legal measures aimed at enabling businesses to harness cloud services while guaranteeing their customers' confidence in the complete protection of their data.

When a business utilizes a cloud service, it often entails entrusting data to a third party, typically the cloud service provider. Addressing the privacy concerns arising from this practice will remain a key focus in cloud computing throughout 2024.