Top 10 Chief Data Officers keeping your data productive, efficient and fruitful

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With business heavily relying on data in the 21st century, it is necessary to look to leaders of data for guidance. While a lot of credit gets given to CEOs for managing companies, Chief Data Officers provide a lot of the work necessary for keeping a company alive. Here is EM360s top 10 CDOs.

Lorraine Waters, HSBC

Waters is a veteran in the data world and has been involved with data since 2006 when she worked for ABN Amro. By 2008, she was the head of market reference data at Royal Bank of Scotland. She also became their Global Head of Data in 2010. Most importantly, Waters acquired her first role as CDO in 2015 for HSBC. It seems like Lorraine is the model CDO; data has been a part of her life for over 12 years and it doesn't seem to be changing! She certainly is a role model for CDOs to come.

Peter Jackson, Southern Water

Alongside Caroline Carruthers, Peter Jackson co-wrote the book on becoming a Chief Data Officer. He is what is referred to as a "first generation CDO"; he is the first CDO of Southern Water. Furthermore, his insights range from how Brexit is going to change the role of a CDO to how CDOs have to adjust to changing work environments.

Caroline Carruthers, Network Rail

Caroline Carruthers co-wrote the book on becoming a Chief Data Officer, so we felt she was essential for this list. Carruthers has been interested in tech from an early age. As a youth, she began programming on the Commodore 64. Furthermore, Carruthers got onto a University course based in maths and IT. She has since held a number of data based positions, including working as CDO of Network Rail.

Paul Konkel, Actus Data and SAI Cloud Solutions

A master of many talents, Paul Konkel is the President and CDO of Actus Data while also holding the role of President and CIO of SAI Cloud Solutions. While he covers the whole cycle between data and analytics with Actus Data, he is also an advisory board member for Borsetta.

Graeme McDermott, Addison Lee

Yet another veteran, McDermott has been working with data since 2003. Because of his 15 year expertise in data, McDermott has earned himself a place on the 2018 advisory board of Chief Data Officer Exchange. He is currently the CDO of Addison Lee and specialises in analytics.

Roberto Maranca, former Lloyds Bank and General Electric Capital International

Roberto traces his introduction to data all the way back to his time in University. Furthermore, Roberto started managing his first data centre back in 1998 with Ford. With an extensive amount of history with data, Roberto Maranca is certainly a leader in data. He has frequently made predictions about the future of data and even has some advice for any aspiring CDOs out there!

Mark Bird, Chief Data Officer EMEA HSBC

Mark Bird is a creative figurehead in data with an extensive history of delivering data strategy to financial institutions such as HSBC, Credit Suisse, ING and JP Morgan. In spite of the ever changing demands of enterprises, Mark Bird has been involved with data for over a decade.

Anna Foster, m/SIX

With over 15 years experience in data, Cambridge graduate Anna Foster has mastered the data world. Having worked for over 7 companies in data, Foster is versatile and loaded with expertise. Interested to hear some of her insights about women in tech? Check out one of her articles!

Nelly Chatue-Diop, Betclic Everest Group

Chief Data Officer of Betclic Everest Group, Chatue-Diop is one of the more interesting CDOs. Beyond most Chief Data Officers, Chatue-Diop is a popular writer on Medium and is also proving herself as one to watch. She has certainly secured herself a place on this list through her determination. She also won Trophée Femme Engagée de la Grande Distribution 2013.

Leyre Murillo Villar, BNP Paribas

With over 10 years in managing data, it was inevitable that Leyre Murillo Villar was going to make our list. She has also worked in data internationally thus making her one of the more versatile and diverse CDOs in the game.