The Future of AI Regulation

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ai regulation

Dr Clare Walsh is Director of Education at the Institute of Analytics (IoA) and is one of the world’s leading academic voices in data analytics and AI, with her mission at the IoA being to help people in any field feel empowered by technology and understand its benefits. 

Having studied under Professor Tim Berners-Lee and Dame Wendy Hall, she was also an academic tutor at the University of Southampton’s Data Science Academy and, during this time, worked for the Government as a researcher within the Office of AI.

Clare contributed to the recently published Government White Paper on AI Regulation, has published peer-reviewed research papers and is often called upon as an expert witness to advise governments in complex legal cases.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Head of Content Matt Harris speaks to Clare about:

  • AI regulation and legislation
  • Being empowered by technology
  • AI in the data analytics and business world 

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