CyberGRX: Cyber Risk Intelligence and the Meaning of a True Risk Exchange

Published on
03/05/2022 01:05 PM

Cyber risk intelligence is critical for businesses that operate in the digital world. It is the collection, evaluation, and analysis of cyber threat information by those with access to all-source information. 

Like other areas of important business intelligence, cyber threat intelligence is qualitative information put into action to help develop security strategies and aid in identifying threats and opportunities. 

In the episode of the EM360 podcast, Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest, speaks to Caitlin Gruenberg Director, Risk Solutions Engineer at CyberGRX as the pair explore: 

  • Third-party cyber risk management vs self-assessments
  • Cyber risk intelligence in the wake of huge, high-profile breaches
  • The meaning of a true risk exchange

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