Pentera: Automated Security Validation and Empowering Pen Testing Teams

Published on
19/02/2024 09:39 AM
pentera podcast

Automated Security Validation. Involving tools, scripts and platforms to emulate true-to-life attacks, Automated Security Validation is a key part of assessing the readiness of the security infrastructure and guiding prioritized remediation. 

But how does this implementation of automation really work to empower human expertise? How does all of this relate to compliance? And what words of wisdom can be given for those looking to level up their security strategy in 2024?

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Jonathan Care speaks to Thomas Pore, Director of Product Marketing at Pentera, as they discuss:

  • The pen-testing landscape
  •  How important testing and validating are
  • Empowering human expertise and remaining compliant

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