Pivotree: The Art of Perfecting Product Data at Scale and Speed

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Product data that is clean, consistent and enriched with accurate information and descriptions gets results.

When your customers can easily find the products they're looking for you can expect sales to increase, product returns to all but disappear, and brand loyalty to continue to grow. The problem is, how do you consistently deliver this level of quality in a world of disparate data sources, data silos, and the burden of existing technical debt?

AI is a powerful tool that can strategically help this industry unlock the true value of their data and meet the increasing demand for better data. By automating data cleaning, enhancing data quality, and generating actionable insights, organizations can deliver more meaningful experiences to their customers while eliminating the clutter of irrelevant data. This technology accelerates the industry's journey towards data-driven innovation and customer-centricity, ultimately giving trust to the end consumer.

In today’s episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Susan Walsh speaks to Sam Russo, Practice Director of Automotive & Heavy Duty at Pivotree as they discuss:

  • Why “perfect” product data is so important
  • Issues in the automotive industry
  • What AI/ML means for those modelling and enriching product data

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