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EM360 tech podcasts bring you the latest issues and topics addressed within our main tech categories, we get the latest from experts in each field and bring you interviews, features and reviews.. please feel free to browse our podcasts and get in touch if you would like to work with us on a podcast..

Data Transforming Business – Series 1, Episode 4

The Role of the CDO in Data-Driven Business Transformation Much of the business transformation & innovation in today’s marketplace is driven by data. Business optimization, and entirely new business models are emerging...

Data Transforming Business – Series 1, Episode 3

Data is Transforming Business: Data Modelling, Digital transformation and data as a profit driver Digital Transformation is driving today’s economy, as more and more organisations look for innovative ways to increase revenue...

Machine Learning Implementation for IT Infrastructure and Operations Leaders

What is the current state of Artificial Intelligence as it applies to IT Operations”? How is organisational maturity an indicator of “readiness” for AI and machine learning What’s real? What...

The truth about ethical Social Engineering

Ethical Social Engineering is a word we don't hear too often at the moment. With cyber security attacks happening almost on a daily basis it's nice to know that someone is...

Data Transforming Business – Series 1, Episode 2

Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimisation Using Hadoop We’ve come a long way since Founding Father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, uttered the words "When you're finished changing, you're finished". Said during a...

Unlocking the full potential of your IT systems

LeanIX, a software vendor that provides tools and services in the areas of Enterprise Architecture and Application Portfolio Management for small, medium and large enterprises was created by Jorg Beyer and...
Cloud Expo Europe 2017

EXPOsé – Cloud Expo Europe 2017

Welcome to our first episode of EXPOsè. This new podcast series from EM360 will be bringing you a rundown of the best tech events in 2017. Mark Kendrick from Enterprise Management 360 took a...
Data Strategyvideo

Are you getting enough from your Data Strategy?

Some business have them and some don't, but what are the real reasons why you should have a Data strategy in place? EM360° spoke to Jon Bruner from O'Reilly where he's...

Meet the leadership expert who has helped restructure Fortune 100 companies

Heralded in Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 100 Leadership and Managements Experts and Speakers, Gordon is also ranked #2 on the Top 15 Must Read Leadership Blogs, was #4...

Didier Jaubert – CEO at Arkadin

Didier Jaubert, CEO from Arkadin provides insight into the moving world of modern business after his speech at ISE Amsterdam 2017.
wireless collaborationvideo

Wireless Collaboration, it’s “Software Eating Hardware”

In this video EM360°Tech spoke to the CTO & Founder of Mersive, Christopher Jaynes, at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam to find out all about what Mersive are doing in the wireless collaboration space with their custom-built enterprise software, Solstice.
predictive analytics

Meet the man making predictions look easy

Using search, social, and other relevant data to make intelligent predictions about upcoming events, like sports games, reality TV shows, and more, Bing are one of the front runners for Predictive...
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On-Demand Webinar: How the Cloud fits into your Backup Recovery plans

  Watch this on-demand webinar on Cloud and Backup Recovery with our guest speaker, Dave LeClair, VP of Product Marketing at Unitrends. Key Topics covered include: ...