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EM360 tech podcasts bring you the latest issues and topics addressed within our main tech categories, we get the latest from experts in each field and bring you interviews, features and reviews.. please feel free to browse our podcasts and get in touch if you would like to work with us on a podcast..

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2016 gave us some big political changes; How is big data involved?

Big Data is here. It's used everywhere, every time you do something or when data is collected. It's used to direct people in a certain way of thinking or doing which...
Horizon Case Studyvideo

Video Case Study: Horizon Discovery

http://em360tech.wistia.com/medias/fsb9z03e51?embedType=async&seo=false&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640   Watch Dr Jürgen Harter, VP of Information Systems at integrated life science company, Horizon Discovery discuss how Arkadin successfully implemented a unified communications solution for over 250 employees across 5 sites...
data-transforming business-lrg

Data Transforming Business

The Digital Economy is changing the way organisations do business around the world, and is set to transform the economy on an unprecedented scale. It’s been called the next Industrial Revolution...

Making Decisions With Business Intelligence

Business managers today are living and dying by critical decisions being made from running endless reports and analytics for Business Intelligence needs. This can be a costly expense to the business with...

Understanding the European Payroll and HR Market

Enterprise Management 360° talks about the European Payroll and HR Market today. With the UK Brexit Leave vote, many people are still wondering if this can affect them at all. It was...

Vulnerability Remediation in the Age of Threat Disclosure Overload

The internet is a vital global resource. However, connecting with this exposes organisations to different threats. One of the biggest challenges faced by information security teams today is how to effectively prioritise...

Powering Digital Business Transformation through information

Business optimisation, and entirely new business models are emerging as data-driven technology provides unprecedented opportunity for innovation and change.

The Role of the CDO in Data-Driven Business Transformation

Much of the business transformation & innovation in today’s marketplace is driven by data. Business optimisation, and entirely new business models, are emerging as data-driven technology provides unprecedented opportunity for innovation...

Data Modelling, Digital Transformation and Data as a Profit Driver

Digital Transformation is driving today’s economy, as more and more organisations look for innovative ways to increase revenue and reduce costs using data-driven digital technologies. As part of this transformation, it’s important...

Daniel Selman, Head of Cyber Security at Ministry of Defence

Enterprise Management 360 had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Selman, Head of Cyber Security at the Ministry of Defence for a relevant discussion on the latest industry challenges and the...

David Hughes, Data, Analytics & Pricing Systems at Barnett Waddingham

Head of Data, Analytics & Pricing Systems at Barnett Waddinham sits down with EM360° Em360° had the privilege of speaking with David Hughes, Head of Data, Analytics and Pricing Systems at Barnett...

Integration across IT, DC, NOC, Cloud

Integration is a business need and a problem to some organisations. Enterprise Management 360° reached out to Andy Lawrence, VP of Research at 451 Research to conduct a podcast interview with Colin...
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Analytics in the Era of IoT – This Changing World

  IoT brings fresh opportunity and new challenges when it comes to data analysis. In this video Jason Stamper of 451 Research discusses why speed...