Enterprise Management 360’s AskTheExperts podcasts are a space where the industry’s top professionals come together to debate the latest trends, research and future insights. In this session we cover Cyber Resilience in Today’s Cyber Enabled World with first female White House CIO and founder and CEO of Fortalice solutions Theresa Payton and Head of Information Security & Data Protection Officer of Matrix Medical Network Rebecca Wynn.

When it comes to cyber security today, the outlook is definitely not rosy. The overwhelming feeling is that it is not a matter of if but when businesses will experience a potentially debilitating cyber-attack. However, there are cyber resilience frameworks that can help organisations tackle the issues of our hyper cyber enabled world. In this informative session, EM360 talks with two top security experts that share their invaluable insights into how organisations can best protect themselves.

It’s your company’s brand and reputation. Consumers, legislators and the media are much more sympathetic to organisations who go through breaches where it looks like you thought about this, you prepared, you did your best but the worst still happened.
Theresa Payton

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