Data Transforming Business – Series 2, Episode 1

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Best Practices in Becoming a Data-Driven Organisation: Real-World Advice from a leading UK Construction Materials Company

Lagan Group Holdings is a leader in the construction and asset management space, and a key part of their strategy is to become more data-driven, using data for strategic advantage. A challenge, however, is that data is scattered in a number of systems—from billing to procurement to payroll, making it difficult to create a single view of key data assets. Lagan has overcome these challenges, and have implemented a self-service business intelligence & reporting to gain data-driven insights. Join Jim Fennell from Lagan Group and Donna Burbank from Global Data Strategy as they discuss the challenges and benefits of using self-service BI to become a data-driven organisation.

Meet the panel

Donna Burbank
Managing Director at Global Data Strategy


Jim Fennell
Information Systems Manager at Lagan Cement Ltd