Our Highlights from Tech Show London 2024

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Tech show london 2024

Tech Show London 2024 has just come to a close following two days filled with expert insights, ground-breaking stories, and discussions from some of the biggest names in the tech industry. 

This landmark event, held on March 6th and 7th, brought together five leading technology conferences under one roof: Big Data & AI World, Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Data Centre World, and DevOps Live

The occasion was a whirlwind of thought-provoking discussions, cutting-edge product showcases, and unparalleled networking opportunities. The EM360Tech team was there to capture the action. Here are our highlights from Tech Show London 2024. 

A world-renowned Speaker Lineup

Tech Show London boasted a stellar lineup of speakers who ignited thought-provoking discussions on critical issues shaping the future.

Some of the most notable speakers included:

  • Professor Brian , world-renowned physicist and science communicator: explored the intersection of technology and the universe, delving into the potential of AI and quantum computing to unlock new frontiers in scientific discovery.
  • Brhmie Balaram, Head of AI Research & Ethics in the NHS AI Lab: Balaram addressed the ethical considerations of AI adoption in healthcare, focusing on ensuring the responsible development and deployment of AI-powered healthcare solutions.
  • Dr. Carolyn Mercer, Chief Technologist, NASA: Mercer provided a captivating glimpse into the future of space exploration, highlighting the role of cutting-edge technology in propelling humanity further into the cosmos.
  • Bernardo Mariano Junior, Chief Information Technology Officer, United Nations: Focusing on the power of technology for global good, Junior discussed how the UN leverages tech to address global challenges like climate change and poverty.

An interactive experience

Tech Show London wasn't just about grand visions; it offered practical learning opportunities for attendees at all levels. These included:

Interactive workshops and masterclasses

Led by industry experts, these sessions provided hands-on experience with the latest tools and techniques. Whether it was exploring data analytics platforms, learning cloud security best practices, or diving into DevOps methodologies, attendees gained practical skills they could implement in their own work environments.

Focus areas for specific interests

Each of the five co-located shows catered to a dedicated area, allowing attendees to delve deeper into their specific interests. From big data and AI to cloud security and data center optimization, there was something for everyone.

Unparalleled networking opportunities

The event provided a platform for attendees to connect with industry peers, thought leaders, and potential business partners. Fostering valuable connections and exploring collaboration possibilities, Tech Show London facilitated the exchange of ideas and the formation of strategic partnerships.

Hear from the experts

As official media partners of Tech Show London, our editorial team attended the event to speak to industry leaders, experts and key vendors to discuss everything about Enterprise technology from AI to cybersecurity to data.  

We spoke to:

  1. Etay Maor, Senior Director of Security Strategy at Cato Networks
  2. Dan Rycroft, Sales Director at Pentest People
  3. Todd Thorsen, CISO at CrashPlan
  4. Matthew Brady, Sales Engineering Manager at Synopsys
  5. Niraj Vora, Sales Engineer Lead - Major Accounts at Fivetran
  6. Ryan White, Senior BDM at Kolena
  7. Laurent Balmelli, CEO & Head of Product at Strong Network
  8. Kevin Cochran at Vultr
  9. Bart Vandekerckhove, CEO at Raito
  10. Deryck Mitchelson, Global CISO at Checkpoint Software Technologies
  11. Jay Keshur, Co-founder and COO at AppVia
  12. Bojan Petrovic, Global VP Sales at Cluedin
  13. Michael Evans, Regional Director UK & Ireland at Billigence
  14. Mike Leach, Field CISO at Abnormal Security
  15. Alan Missroon, Head of Sales at RightData
  16. Manash Rich Ray, Business Development Lead at ManageEngine
  17. Ed Stevenson at JFrog
  18. Lizzy McDowell, Marketing Manager at KAO data
  19. Charles Southwood, Regional VP, Northern Europe and MEAD at Denodo
  20. Chris Cooney, Head of Developer Advocacy at Coralogix
  21. Manuel Herranz, CEO at Pangeanic
  22. Julia Doronina, CMO at G-71 Security
  23. Filip Verloy Field CTO EMEA & APJ  at Rubrik
  24. Nick Dyer, Director, Sales Engineering at Artic Wolf

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