Ask the Expert: How are companies employing Identity Access Management? By Senior Solutions Engineer Chris Clarkson

This week's Ask The Expert was answered by Senior Solutions Engineer Chris Clarkson, down at the IP Expo event that took place recently

A few weeks ago, I went down to IP Expo and met some of the leaders in cybersecurity. While I was impressed by the incredible speakers, the main topic that intrigued me was identity access management (IAM).

Curiosity got the best of me, so I went and asked some of the leaders in the field how their companies were employing IAM.

I ran into Chris Clarkson; a Senior Solutions Engineer at Bomgar. Known for their savvy approach to cybersecurity, I was naturally very excited to pick his brains.

His answer intrigued me.

“What we’re seeing is a regular occurrence of data breaches. When you investigate the causes of these threats, they’re comprised of three areas that cyber-criminals will attack. Firstly, the remote access pathways into organizations are prime targets and need to be secured. Secondly, there’s credential theft and organisations must ensure they know what their complete privileged footprint looks like within their organisation and ensure that this is protected and managed. Thirdly, administrative rights on endpoints must be controlled as they can be the entry points for certain compromises and can then be used to go after credentials.

Bomgar helps organisations address these threats through a Privileged Access Management suite of products to deliver a defense-in-depth security strategy. Defendpoint protects against endpoint threats by removing admin rights and ensuring users only have least privilege in force while also ensuring productivity. The second element is bringing credentials in your environment under control, ensuring you know where they exist, what they’re used for and who they’re being used by. Bomgar’s Privileged Identity solution dynamically learns about our environments and detects the location of risks allowing organizations to regain control of their environment.

Finally, Bomgar protects remote access pathways. Whether it’s to cloud, infrastructure or hybrid environments, Bomgar delivers virtual perimeters around these pathways and enables users to access them securely. Underpinning the Privileged Access Management suite, Bomgar ensures the productivity for all  users. Additional security should not restrict users but enable them to be productive and more secure.”