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G2 Crowd Grid reviews/rates most famous BI platforms

A research company called G2 Crowd has collated ratings and reviews of the most well-known business intelligence platforms. Using feedback from “real, verified” users of the BI platforms, G2 was able to...
technology stocks

Rewired create $100m fund in machine learning market

Some people might imagine that, by now, everyone is obsessed with artificial intelligence, but this is only the beginning. Apple has only recently declared its interest in the technology and says its...
fintech market

Cryptocurrency miners’ demands for AMD GPUs going up

The cryptocurrency mining craze continues unabated, with some companies order computer hardware quite literally by the plane-load.  Most people might not understand the intricacies of what cryptocurrency mining is, but simply put...
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Moravec’s Paradox means managers may lose their jobs

One of the many interesting discoveries scientists and researchers made about artificial intelligence is called “Moravec’s Paradox”.  Basically it means that, while people might imagine that AI and automation will mainly replace...

Amazon may become most valuable company on the planet

Amazon started out to selling books online. Now, it’s difficult to describe the company merely as the world’s largest online retailer.  Amazon has significant interests in fields related to online retailing. These...
Business intelligence

Custom BI platforms make more sense so may cost more

Business intelligence applications generally turn raw data into lists, charts and other graphics to present information in a way that can be quickly and easily understood.  In many instances, a large company...
net neutrality

Trump moves to undermine more of web neutrality laws

US President Donald Trump has always professed a dislike for net neutrality laws, which were strengthened by the previous administration of Barack Obama.  The purpose of net neutrality rules is to make...
augmented vision

Augmented vision more important than Pokémon Go game

At first glance, a gamer playing Pokémon Go has little in common with a surgeon saving lives in an operating theatre. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that might...

Will automation remove humans from most workplaces?

There are conflicting reports about whether automation will reduce the number of humans in workplaces, with some saying that artificial intelligence systems will virtually eliminate the need for human input, while...
generative design

Generative design may make most designers unemployed

Imagine a piece of software that can design things for you according to your instructions.  So, say, you want to design a chair. You could tell the software that you want the...
google glass 3

Manufacturing, medicine new markets for Google Glass

About four years ago, when Google first showed off its Glass product – a pair of hi-tech spectacles capable of running augmented reality apps – it was met with some scepticism,...
advanced driver assistance systems

Bosch car computer more powerful than human brain

Bosch is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of advanced driver assistance systems, which is a range of individual technologies such as cruise control, autonomous parking and emergency braking, and so...
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