Mark Renton, Director of Architecture at Domestic and General explains how you can use architecture to bring more security to your organisation

Mark Renton has spent the last 18 years of his career as an architect. Currently, Mark is the Director of Architecture at Domestic and General, the UK’s leading specialist warranty provider in kitchen appliances, boilers and consumer electronics. 

I think traditionally, we, as architects that liked to spend a lot of time investigating the market looking at different technologies and finding something that is a perfect fit. I think in the modern world we need to be much more willing to embrace a technology that is right at the time and be more willing to move away from that technology later.

As the Director of Architecture, Mark works on strategic architectures as well as guiding the architecture on key transformation programmes including the implementation of Mobile device management (MDM) and a new data warehouse.

In this Podcast interview, Mark discusses how to make architecture agile, business recovery, and his approach to security threats.

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