Peter Jackson, Chief Data Officer at Southern Water explains why CDO’s are essential to the workforce

With a strong passion for data, and how it can drive innovation to transformation, Peter Jackson works as the Chief Data Officer at Southern Water. Driven by a strategic approach to data, Peter believes in the value of expanding the understanding of data management, data technologies, data science and data governance, a key point of focus in his new book, The Chief Data Officer playbook, which he co-authors with Caroline Carruthers. 

I’m the first person to have a specific responsibility for data within Southern Water, they haven’t had a Head of Data or a Chief Officer Data previously. The reason for this is not only to gain competitor’s advantage from our data, but also to bring central management and governance to data, not only of our customer data but our asset data.  

In this Podcast interview, Peter talks to EM360 about how the role of a CDO has evolved over the last ten years, why businesses should invest in CDOs, and how Brexit will change the role of the CDO.

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