Who You Gonna Call? Top 10 Telecoms Influencers

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A good telecoms influencer is not hard to come by, there are plenty of innovators out there trying to push forward the most effective and simple methods for companies to reach one another. The ones EM360 were looking for, however, are not just innovators, but renaissance men and women of sorts, skilled in different sectors and ways of delivering their messages.

This week we bring you the ten most brilliant people assuring your place in the telecoms world is colourful, comfortable and crisp.

Jeff Kagan

Wireless analyst, columnist, keynote speaker. What isn’t Jeff Kagan? Kagan advises US and global companies on all things relating to telecommunications. Having been in the spotlight for over 25 years, Kagan has been an important influencer for companies such as PayPal, AT&T, Verizon and many more.

Leila Abboud

Former Bloomberg Columnist, current correspondent for the Financial Times. With a masters in journalism from Columbia and a long history of articles written about Uber to Apple, Abboud is truly an expert in the field. I recommend not only following her twitter but also checking out some of her excellent telecoms related articles on Reuters.

Marie Mawad

An asset to Bloomberg, Mawad is a nuanced writer with a humorous approach. She certainly has secured herself as a veteran in the telecoms field. A close worker and former colleague of Leila Abboud, many of her articles have a similarly refined writing style.

Jon Arnold

A thought leader, telecom analyst and expert in Unified Communications, Arnold is a leading expert in his field. Principal of J Arnold & Associates, Arnold’s work focuses heavily on digital transformation in the enterprise. As a result, his involvement has led to some incredibly insightful podcasts.

Sue Marek

VP of Content and Editor-in-Chief of SDxCentral, Marek is probably one of the most influential figures in telecoms. You could almost say she is ahead of her time. Having been listed by Forbes as the 4th most influential person in mobile, Marek is certainly an overachiever. Check out her articles on SDxCentral for the latest news in telecoms!

Dave Millett

Millett is the former director of Equinox; a company that provides technical support to manufacturers, distributors and retailers throughout the UK. As a result, Millett has certainly refined his knowledge within the field of telecoms. With 35 years in the telecoms field, Millett has contributed to some amazing articles and podcasts.

Jaymie Scotto

Cutaia Scotto is the founder and CEO of Jaymie Scotto and Associates (JSA); an outstanding, award winning telecoms PR agency. She has been at the forefront of promoting women in telecoms. Certainly demonstrating incredible leadership skills and providing genius insights, Scotto is a rather important figure in the telecoms industry.

Arnd Baranowski

An expert in telecoms fraud, Baranowski has certainly demonstrated his knowledge due to his eloquent insights. Furthermore, Baranowski has some rather interesting advice for many IT professionals. He boldly stated:

"I would like to encourage enterprise IT managers responsible for PBX Systems to ask their telecommunications service providers what they are doing to prtect you against telecoms fraud. You might not be comfortable with the response you get."

Steve Caskill

Is his name Steve Caskill? Is his name @MickeyCaskill? Who knows? What I do know is that he is one of the leading experts in telecoms. As a former editor of Silcon UK, Caskill has plenty of insights into the field. He now works freelance and keeps us all up to date with his funny but insightful tweets.

Gilli Coston

Mentor, trainer, speaker and telecoms guru, Coston is ahead of her time. An advocate for women in tech and Senior Vice President at KORE Wireless, Coston has 30 years of telecom experience. As if you needed another reason to follow her work, much of it has constantly been based on ensuring the growth of others, a truly selfless feat.